Belarisk On Amorphous Dawn [NNA052]

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Release Date: November 15, 2012


1. Portal Play (0:36)
2. Cup of False Halogen (5:14)
3. Wilted Pine (2:01)
4. Fallen Birch (2:30)
5. Path to the Terrestrial Crux (3:10)
6. Fallen Birch II (2:01)
7. Automated Mist (1:59)
8. Dirsa Morin (4:48)
9. Land of Lacquer (4:12)
10. Snake for a Head (8:21)

Belarisk is a project of Lee Edward Tindall, a fresh Providence, RI resident by way of Massachusetts. Lee has been steadily performing solo and with others over the years, with his various projects Zerfallt, Mutation In The Gryd, Aphid Palisades, Astronaut, and more. As Belarisk, Tindall taps into the more melodic side of experimental electronic music, applying his expert-level technical skills to digital and analog synthesizers and effects. The result is a bold, Americanized interpretation of German school electronics, that not merely repeats the past, but uses its essence to look forward. Belarisk paints with sound in the full spectrum of grey; forging overdriven frenetic malfunction with spacious, tonal glory. Sawtoothed synth lines are tessellated to reflect infinitely, where the sound of electrical current is dissected and manipulated in real-time. Mournful, dark formations of sound occasionally dissipate to reveal the radiant light of possibility. Original cover artwork by the artist.

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