NNA049: Decimus “Glass Tetany” c43

New tape from the solo project of NYC’s Pat Murano of No Neck Blues Band, aka Decimus. Pat has been hard at work the last few years crafting his series of self-titled epics on his own Kelippah imprint, and ‘Glass Tetany’ continues the legacy onto NNA. This release is a disorienting journey through the rolling dunes of far away desert, leaving the listener feeling isolated on unfamiliar terrain. Carrying the tradition of psychedelia into the next age, Decimus weaves dizzying melodies between synth and guitar, ranging from tender to gritty, creating a dense mass of multi-fidelity atmospheres that seem to score a tale of otherworldly travel. Chopped up alien beat work and bionic vocals cut through vapor, disembodying the mind from the physical form. Original cover artwork by the artist.

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