Sediment Club 30 Seconds Too Late [NNA077]

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Release Date: December 16, 2014


1. Graveyard Romp (1:51)
2. Hologram (1:45)
3. Rotten Toll (2:17)
4. Vision of a Line (2:57)
5. Kicked in the Cript (3:12)

Feast your ears upon this terse, bleak statement of musical panic from young three-piece Sediment Club. Comprised of Austin Julian, Lazar Bozic, and Jackie McDermott (on guitar, bass, and drums, respectively), the ‘Club has diligently been bringing their rock & racket to basements and dungeons across the nation, as “30 Seconds Too Late” comes hot on the heels of their recent full USA tour. Using a ouija board to call upon the spirits of the classic eras of noise rock, No Wave, and post-punk, Sediment Club show us a refreshingly raw and unique perspective, firmly gripping the torch of their Northeastern weird underground brethren. Their latest EP brings us five short and sweet blasts of stripped down instrumentation with little flash or effects, allowing the natural filth of overdriven instruments to shine through amidst their ascending and descending chromatic lines of discontent. Lurching bass lines, twangy stabs of guitar, and turbulent drumming interlock in creative compositions that thrive on a clinical garage brutality, ripe with dissonance and a healthy dose of the macabre. Disconcerting and misanthropic lyrical content spews forth through drooling, unhinged vocal delivery, reflecting a state of psychosis as if viewing an MC Escher drawing through a shattered mirror. “30 Seconds Too Late” is an incredibly satisfying listen, and a cassette that could be comfortably crammed into your ratty shoebox collection of punk seven inches, complete with a Urinals cover and full lyrics sheet.


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