Battle Trance tour dates announced:

6/5/17 Moers, Germany @Moers Festival

6/6/17 Rotterdam, The Netherlands @WORM

6/8/17 Amsterdam, The Netherlands @Bimhuis

WREN KITZ + MULTA NOX Record Release Concert

Friday, June 16th 2017
325 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn NY
with Gold Dime, Guerilla Toss (DJ Set)

More info: http://bit.ly/2qtV0Iv
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& Blank Forms present: ORACLE at Prismatic Park

Saturday, June 17th
Madison Square Park
New York, NY

Info Page

ORACLE is a new large-scale work for 20-voice Trinity Youth Chorus in surround sound. The piece combines children’s voices with dynamic and subtle voice processing to create an artificial acoustic environment in the outdoor performance space. Drawing from noise aesthetics and borrowing some extended techniques from the avant-garde tradition, ORACLE approaches the possibilities of the human voice using dissonance, resonance and texture. In lieu of lyrics, onomatopoeic words and glottal consonants form the content of the work, emphasizing the fragile and transitory timbres of the children’s voices. Electronic processing of the singers’ voices plays an integral role in the composition. With the use of customized Eventide plugins, reverberation will be subtly and dynamically added to the singers’ voices at crucial points in the composition, allowing the voices to take on a ghostly resonance. Through an extensive rehearsal process, the work will foster an environment of learning, offering the choristers an expanded idea of what music can be and emphasizing the value of exploration in creating unique sounds.