LEYA happened on accident. Songs are simple, often written quickly, using detuned harp and violin with Adam and Marilu’s layered voices. LEYA is inspired by the antiquity of both instruments but also the sound of the modern world.

Harpist Marilu Donovan has worked with artists ranging from Azealia Banks to Christian Wolff. She is interested in finding ugliness in the beauty of her instrument, often detuning the strings to create unrefined sound palettes. Marilu performs regularly with Eartheater and GABI.

Violinist/Vocalist Adam Markiewicz focuses on mixing voice with his instrument to explore the blending of these sounds, attempting to speak with the overtones of alternate tunings. He plays regularly in The Dreebs and PC Worship. His recorded work can be found on labels ranging from DFA to Rotted Tooth.


Live Dates

Saturday, March 30th
New York, NY
Friday, April 5th
Harrisonburg, VA
Macrock Festival