Harpist Marilu Donovan and violinist/vocalist Adam Markiewicz are NYC-based duo LEYA.

The group balances between worlds of beauty and grit; dreamstate operatic vocals,detuned harp reverberations, and lush, droning harmonies swirl into a sound that is entirely unique – simultaneously otherworldly, beautiful and unsettling. LEYA is a truly crossover act in every sense – elements of pop, ambient, new music, and punk are distilled into simple songs that reach the listener on a direct, immediate level.

LEYA has released a steady volume of work in several years. Their two albums via NNA Tapes, The Fool (2018) and its critically acclaimed follow-up Flood Dream (2020), exist alongside a number of collaborations that highlight the range of the duo. In 2018, the group wrote and performed a full-length soundtrack to I Love You, an erotic film directed by Brooke Candy and produced by PornHub; they are featured as actors throughout. 2019’s Angel
Lust, a collaborative EP with Eartheater, followed courtesy of legendary experimental label PAN. In 2020, they dropped a number of shorter releases including “Antigone,” a collaborative single with American black metal band Liturgy; a remix of their Flood Dream track “Wave” by British electronic musician Actress; another remix of the album’s penultimate track “First Way” by the venerable Drew McDowall (Coil/Psychic TV); and a collaboration with Deli Girls for their new album BOSS called “barriers to love.” Composer/Filmmaker Christina Vantzou delivered a final mashup remix of Flood Dream’s “Mary” and “ABBA” in May 2021. The duo also provided live scoring to a Hood By Air fashion show curated by Surf Gang rapper Babyxsosa in June of 2021.