Matthewdavid’s Mindflight

Co-owner of Leaving Records, where artists like Ras GJonwayne, and Odd Nosdam have released their avant beats, L.A.’s Matthew David McQueen is also a solo artist, recording and performing under the name Matthewdavid. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, he was a mainstream hip-hop fan before getting turned on to the left-field beats of labels like Plug Research and Stones Throw. An internship at the former meant a move to L.A. and in 2008, a debut release on the label with the Matthewdavid EP. Leaving Records was formed with visual artist Jesselisa Moretti that same year and issued cassettes, CDs, LPs, and downloads from underground artists like Dak, Jar Moff, and Matthewdavid himself, who collaborated with Sun Araw in 2010 on the cassette release Livephreaxxx!!!!!. Matthewdavid‘s Outmind appeared in 2011 on the Brainfeeder label, while that same year the collaborative Swedish Fish with Odd Nosdam landed back home on Leaving. Mindflight followed on the label in 2013 while Brainfeeder issued In My World in 2014.