Marja Ahti (n. Johansson) is a Swedish-Finnish musician and sound artist based in Turku, Finland. She’s performing and recording under the moniker Tsembla as well as her own name.

Ahti works with field recordings and other acoustic sound material combined with synthesizers and electronic feedback in order to find the borderland where these sounds start to mimic each other or communicate. She makes music that rides on waves of slowly warping intuitively tuned harmonies and mutating textures – rough edged compositions, rich in detail. She also makes music and sound for dance and performances.

Ahti has presented her music in many different contexts around Europe, in Japan and the United States. She’s also a member of the Himera work group, organizing experimental music events and workshops, one half of the duo Ahti & Ahti with her partner Niko-Matti Ahti, and collaborator of Kemialliset Ystävät.