Astral Social Club Destiny Snfu [NNA064]

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Release Date: November 5, 2013


1. Stargate for Delirium (04:39)
2. Romeo Challenger (07:45)
3. Silicaba (05:03)
4. Wet Chemicals (03:24)
5. Rumbling Kern (17:19)

“Destiny Snfu” is a new collection of kaleidoscopic sound squalls from the colorful world of Astral Social Club. ASC is the guise of the UK’s Neil Campbell, who has long been an important contributor to the British experimental and noise worlds, active both as a solo artist and with a multitude of collaborators since the early 1990’s. On this cassette, Campbell unleashes a flowing technicolor stream of guitars, drum machines, keyboards, and field recordings, all screaming forth in a dense mass of ecstatic noise. Stuttering mechanics struggle to ward off fierce volleys of guitar feedback, while hard, pounding drum machines and obliterated Casio rhythm presets form together like arrhythmic patterns on a savage mandala. Although the beats create movement and propel the piece forward, they are not the focus here. The compositions are too chaotic and dense to be labeled as simply “noise techno”. Amidst the pounding groove we find droning, transcendent layers of tone shining through, raining down in a harmonious shower. Acid-soaked melodies seem omnipresent throughout the tape, though often masked and buried by textural madness. However after submitting to this chaos, one may find electronic bliss… the sky splinters open and you ascend upward toward the cosmic eye, although not without being seared by the rays of the sun as you pass through the threshold. Campbell is able to create music that sizzles with electric energy, animating and pulsing a new life force into artificial circuitry. Side B features contributions from Phil Todd of Ashtray Navigations.

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