PHORK Discrepancies [NNA048]

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Release Date: August 27, 2012


1. Discrepancies I (4:18)
2. Discrepancies II (5:16)
3. Discrepancies III (9:11)
4. Discrepancies IV (5:21)
5. Discrepancies V (5:37)
6. Discrepancies VI (6:12)
7. Discrepancies VII (3:53)
8. Discrepancies VIII (4:16)

NNA is proud to present “Discrepancies”, the latest full-length from the People’s Higher Order of Royal Kinship. Neal Reinalda has created a highly unique strain of surrealist techno collage using a high brow palette of sound that borrows not only from traditional electronic dance music, but also from another place entirely… sounds that are perplexing as they are refreshing, familiar as they are understated. Field recordings and other naturally-occurring sonics find their place comfortably amongst delicate, watery rhythms and painterly percussion, all wrapped up in a pop art sensibility.

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