Various Artists Centennial [NNA100]

6 Cassette Limited Edition Box Set + Digital

Release Date: August 17, 2018


Professionally duplicated by National Audio Company.
Original artwork by Robert Beatty.
Mastered by Matthewdavid McQueen.
Brushed aluminum boxes fabricated by Brian Raymond with assistance from Cold Hollow of Burlington, Vermont.
Limited edition of 125 hand-numbered copies.

1.    Sun Circle “One Hundred Lifetimes” (6:00)
2.    Pregnant Moon “The Gardens at Giverny” (5:23)
3.    Duane Pitre “Loops For String Orchestra” (6:00)
4.    Pink Desert “Walk Through” (3:36)
5.    Jefre Cantu Ledesma “Friends In Montreal” (2:43)
6.    Toby Aronson “March 6th, 2010” (9:10)
7.    Caboladies “Virginia” (4:46)
8.    Harmonizer “Taipei Airport (Demo)” (6:34)
9.    Jeff Astin & Raymond Reitano “Beaver Builds” (2:02)
10.    Time Life “Harry’s Theme” (7:13)
11.    Nonhorse “Principles of Non-Organization” (12:20)
12.    Driphouse “Creative Time 2” (5:40)
13.    Pulse Emitter “Lacy Gothic Approximation” (4:43)
14.    Ryan Garbes “There’s No There, There” (5:50)
15.    Hobo Cubes “Parallels” (3:22)
16.    Headboggle “’77 Sob Story (Serge Modular in HiFi)” (4:21)
18.    Hubble “So Much Dust (Take 1)” (8:46)
19.    Ken Seeno “The Turtle Opening The Door” (6:05)
20.    Aguirre “Since Before” (8:04)
21.    Dog Lady Island “No Pin” (1:23)
22.    Mike Shiflet “Worcester, VT” (4:24)
23.    Drainolith “Difficult Days” (2:19)
24.    Innercity “A Genesis In Ending” (5:57)
25.    Quicksails “Blinding Star” (5:30)
26.    Hex Breaker Quintet “We Join Our Previously Scheduled Eternity Already In Progress” (5:01)
27.    Co La “4PM (Fripp Edit)” (4:46)
28.    Rale “That’s The Crack That Runs Through Everything.” (2:59)
29.    Lieven Martens Moana “Samoa – For Solo Tuba” (1:09)
30.    Keith Fullerton Whitman “En la Parc de la Ciutadella” (4:35)
31.    Ryan Power “The Shadow Cast” (5:58)
32.    Le Révélateur “Scape Addicts” (5:22)
33.    PHORK “Love Re-Circulation” (6:40)
34.    Decimus “Tehom” (6:00)
35.    Belarisk “& Abscission” (6:43)
36.    Howard Stelzer “The Best Way to Control People is to Encourage Them to Be Mischievous” (1:59)
37.    Transcendence Orchestra (feat. Anthony Child & Daniel Bean) “Untitled” (7:16)
38.    Blanche Blanche Blanche “Just Kidding” (3:15)
39.    PHORK “Whistleblower” (7:00)
40.    Ryan Power “Sometimes I Wonder” (3:51)
41.    Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier “Heat Light” (3:22)
42.    Jason Lescalleet “Where There’s a Wall There’s a Way (VW mix)” (5:59)
43.    Ahnnu “Weed Girl” (2:39)
44.    Astral Social Club “Antwerp Party Tape” (4:51)
45.    Migrations In Rust “The Gumming Sun / 16 Angles / Gloam in the Lattice Tunnel” (7:53)
46.    Banny Grove “Be Better” (3:06)
47.    Guerilla Toss “Eraser Stargazer (Live In Brooklyn 2016)” (4:07)
48.    PHORK “One Lap” (1:52)
49.    Tredici Bacci “Scaramouche” (2:06)
50.    Battle Trance “Blade of Love (Live at Roulette – Excerpt)” (7:08)
51.    Sediment Club “7:47” (3:17)
52.    Kid Millions & Sarah Bernstein “Drifter” (6:03)
53.    Wei Zhongle “Inside Your Insides” (3:39)
54.    Olivia Block “Four Sorts of Factitious Shining” (5:28)
55.    Patrick Higgins “Open Fifths” (7:27)
56.    Booker Stardrum “In My Intermediate Brain” (2:09)
57.    Jake Meginsky “Music for Sinewaves and Percussion (Excerpt)” (4:33)
58.    AJ Cornell “Barchan” (5:31)
59.    Nerftoss “Low Beamer” (6:56)
60.    Fox/Soper Duo “4.1.17” (3:02)
61.    die Reihe “‘Attuned Vibrations’, or First Application of the Approximate Harmonic Derivatives of the Schumann Resonance to Open the Musical Mathematical Matrix of Creation Connecting the Soul to the Wisdom of the Universe, Divine Intelligence” (4:03)
62.    Max Eilbacher “Slip Systems Test with Unused Script” (3:04)
63.    Tredici Bacci “Ambulette” (3:48)
64.    GRID “VVVVVVV” (3:51)
65.    Lea Bertucci “Quadraphonic Cello Remix” (4:13)
66.    Wren Kitz “Into The House” (5:01)


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Over the past decade, NNA Tapes has had the privilege of working with an incredibly diverse, hand-picked selection of artists and musicians from all corners of our planet. With the advent of the 100th catalog number in our discography, we knew we wanted to celebrate this personal milestone with a special release that went back to our roots in the limited edition cassette tape medium, and that also encompasses the unique variety of music that our label has been able to touch upon throughout the years. We reached out and reconnected with the artists who contributed their talents to our label from our first release up to our 99th, asking them to participate in an epic scale project that celebrates not only our 100th official release, but our 10-year anniversary as well. We are very proud to finally announce the culmination of these efforts – ‘Centennial’ is here. This special compilation contains nearly six hours of music, with 66 tracks spread across six professionally duplicated cassette tapes, housed in a 10×10” hand-made brushed aluminum box, adorned with an embossed NNA logo. The box also contains a full-color poster insert featuring original artwork by Robert Beatty, as well as a digital download coupon. Featuring unreleased, exclusive tracks from:

Sun Circle, Pregnant Moon, Duane Pitre, Pink Desert, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Toby Aronson, Caboladies, Harmonizer, Jeff Astin & Raymond Reitano, Time Life, Nonhorse, Driphouse, Pulse Emitter, Ryan Garbes, Hobo Cubes, Headboggle, WANDA GROUP, Hubble, Ken Seeno, Aguirre, Dog Lady Island, Mike Shiflet, Drainolith, Innercity, Quicksails, Hex Breaker Quintet, Co La, Rale, Lieven Martens Moana, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Ryan Power, Le Révélateur, PHORK, Decimus, Belarisk, Howard Stelzer, Transcendence Orchestra (with Anthony Child & Daniel Bean), Blanche Blanche Blanche, Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, Jason Lescalleet, Ahnnu, Astral Social Club, Migrations In Rust, Banny Grove, Guerilla Toss, Tredici Bacci, Battle Trance, Sediment Club, Kid Millions & Sarah Bernstein, Wei Zhongle, Olivia Block, Patrick Higgins, Booker Stardrum, Jake Meginsky, AJ Cornell, Nerftoss, Fox/Soper Duo, die Reihe, Max Eilbacher, GRID, Lea Bertucci, and Wren Kitz.