Dolphins Into The Future A Star Maker, Strange Dreams, and Clairvoyance [NNA042]


Release Date: March 27, 2012


1. The Moon Shone Mildly Over The Hills, Prompting Strange Dreams In All Creatures (A Symbolic Lucid Poem, Echoed By The Night Bird Arriving From The Faraway Coast Of Chorals) Olaf Stapledon’s Star Maker (Here’s To You, Dear Olaf!) The Moon … (Reprise) (18:12)
2. Guiding Polyphonies (Looped Voices Of Dreamtime, Repeated Waves Of Chorals) Various Possible Notes And Timbres Of The Mental Unit Moldecule (A Poem On The Mu’s Various Possible Tunes, Octaves And Timbres) (18:11)

Naturalist visionary Lieven Martens brings us along the latest voyage of his musical vessel, Dolphins Into The Future. “A Star Maker, Strange Dreams, and Clairvoyance” induces a state of lucid dreaming where we experience tales of romance, stargazing, cosmic motion, and eternity. Not unlike a painter’s brush, Martens utilizes a sound palette of colorful, synthesized organics to bring the listener directly into the vivid and exotic world that Dolphins has spent years cultivating. After much anticipation, we’re very pleased to offer the latest creation of a true hero of the Nu New Age.