Eli Keszler / Keith Fullerton Whitman split LP [NNA043]


Release Date: April 3, 2012


1. Eli Keszler – Drums, Crotales, Installed Motors, Micro-Controller Metal Plates (2:17)
2. Eli Keszler – Bowed Crotales, Snare Drum (6:10)
3. Eli Keszler – Drums, Guitar, Crotales
4. Eli Keszler – Cymbal, Bass Drum, Clarinet (8:55)
5. Keith Fullerton Whitman – Occlusion (17:30)

NNA is very excited to announce a split LP between world-renowned electronic music composer Keith Fullerton Whitman and multi-instrumentalist composer Eli Keszler. This LP is a conversation in sound between two prominent artists, one working in the electronic realm (Whitman), and the other in the world of live acoustics (Keszler). In fact, Whitman’s piece was inspired and created as a direct response to Keszler’s signature frenzied percussion style. Both sides of the record are full of incredibly detailed nuance-driven music. These artists work with sound on the microscopic level, deliberately placing each individual molecule of sound in it’s intended location. Whitman’s piece “Occlusion” is automated “machine music” warfare, utilizing rhythm as a textural tool, while Keszler uses live percussion, bowed metal, and other acoustics to act as a humanized response to Whitman’s machine-regulated assault, solidifying this record as a fantastic document of Human vs. Machine call and response. Original artwork by Eli Keszler.