Quicksails A Fantasy in Seasons [NNA035]

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Release Date: July 6, 2011


1. Up to the Binges (6:06)
2. Salgon Motors (3:36)
3. Retreats in Ware (0:31)
4. Walking Through the Rain (4:47)
5. Two Crowded (4:29)
6. Tartan Speed (1:19)
7. Cold in California (4:11)
8. Blooming Channels (4:53)

Ben Billington’s solo works as Quicksails put him in a place uncharted by many other contemporary acts, combining a wide assortment of live percussion and synthesized electronics. Following up recent cassettes on Digitalis and Deception Island, “A Fantasy In Seasons” recalls moments of Kosmische synth, Free Jazz, world music, and a vast collection of eclectic sounds from this world and elsewhere.