Lettera 22 Dieter Tapes [NNA041]

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Release Date: March 27, 2012


1. Dieter Tapes Pt. 1 (16:09)
2. Dieter Tapes Pt. 2 (16:33)

Lettera 22 is the duo of Matteo Castro and Riccardo Mazza, two men on the forefront of the flourishing Italian noise & experimental scene. “Dieter Tapes” is a sordid collage of desolate audio, repurposed and destroyed in the struggle of man versus machine. Lettera 22 use extreme textures and dynamics to build up high levels of abusive tension, only to send them crashing down in a cacophony of broken beer bottles and urban scrap, leaving behind a skeleton of seething silence and tape hiss. A seedy and voyeuristic recording, akin to witnessing a beating in a dark alley.