New Albums Out Now from Dear Laika and JJJJJerome Ellis 🕊

Dear Laika’s NNA Tapes debut ‘Pluperfect Mind’ arrived on Oct. 29! This beautiful record is a beguiling collection of vivid lyrics and celestial songs, bound together with digital glitch and field recordings. Dear Laika’s exploration of the experimental and the mystical builds something intricate and intimate that is truly unique and captivating. Links to stream and buy ‘Pluperfect Mind’ can be found here. 🌸

“Pluperfect Mind offers a distilled and developed version of Thorn’s melodramatic baroque pop.”
– The WIRE

“Each method of instrumentation opens up another until the whole sound field is a sprawling landscape for Thorn’s voice to roam.”
– Bandcamp Daily [Album of the Day]

“An arrestingly beautiful record”
– Consequence of Sound

JJJJJerome Ellis’s ‘The Clearing’ is out today. It is a multimedia examination and celebration of relationships between speech dysfluency, blackness, music, and time. ‘The Clearing’ is co-produced by NNA Tapes and the The Poetry Project, and is released in tandem with a book published by Wendy’s Subway as part of the eighth title in their Document Series, an interdisciplinary publishing initiative that highlights work by time-based artists in printed form.

Links to buy and stream ‘The Clearing’ can be found here. 🌐

“A remarkable collage of sound, ideas and music… The Clearing explores, celebrates, and connects with a history of Black music and Black experience….a stunning, compelling piece of work that will reconfigure your ideas about listening, temporality and Black expression.”
– The WIRE

“An hour-long dissection of speech and articulation over an equally thoughtful blend of piano, bass, drums, and atmospheric synths.“
– Bandcamp Daily [Album of the Day]

“A compelling thesis over sweeping ambience and trap percussion”
– Guardian