ANNOUNCING: The Cradle ‘The Glare of Success’

We are psyched today to deliver some great news – new music from The Cradle is here. Following up the acclaimed 2018 NNA debut ‘Bag of Holding,’ we are now happy to officially announce that ‘The Glare of Success’ is coming April 12th, 2019 on Cassette & Digital formats. For this release, The Cradle’s Paco Cathcart has taken an innovative approach to a follow-up album by extracting the isolated orchestral and vocal elements from his ‘Bag of Holding’ full-length, and used them as source material to create an entirely new song cycle. The sounds of Sammy Weissberg‘s lush orchestral arrangements and Palberta‘s vocal harmonies are recycled and remixed, using the sonic essence of dub music as inspiration to create a new set of rhythmically-driven electronic compositions. Cathcart’s natural talents in the mixing and editing process are on full display on this recording, creating a perfect companion album to the largely acoustic worlds of ‘Bag of Holding.’ Check out a sneak preview of the track “Giving Dub” on the album teaser below:

‘The Glare of Success’ is officially out on April 12th, 2019 on Cassette & Digital formats.
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☆ Exclusive: Order the Cassette + Vinyl LP Bundle and receive ‘The Glare of Success’ PLUS The Cradle’s previous NNA album ‘Bag of Holding’ together for one low price.
Also available for pre-order on Bandcamp.

Cover artwork by the artist.

1. Victorious Dub (4:48)
2. Call Out Dub (3:01)
3. The Name of Willis Reed (2:20)
4. Dub of Holding (2:36)
5. When We Forget Each Other’s Names (1:11)
6. New Organ (3:31)
7. Day’s End Dub (4:46)
8. Poison Mushroom (2:10)
9. Intro (0:38)
10. I’ll Give Dub (5:42)

New from Tredici Bacci: “Felicity Grows” Single & Music Video

NNA is thrilled today to unleash another single from ‘La Fine Del Futuro,’ Tredici Bacci‘s masterful upcoming full-length. “Felicity Grows” is another vivacious Simon Hanes original, with a delicately simmering samba rhythm that erupts into a robust, dynamic orchestral chorus, full of cascading strings, fierce saxophones, and a poignant piano backbone. The song also features another amazing performance from lead vocalist Sami Stevens, who once again shows her dazzling range and classical adaptability with her superb voice. “Felicity Grows” is composed by Hanes in collaboration with JG Thirlwell (Foetus; “Archer” and “Venture Bros.” original soundtracks), who also wrote the lyrics. Thirlwell has been a longtime friend and collaborator of the band since 2016’s ‘Amore Per Tutti,’ and also lent his unmistakable vocals to ‘La Fine Del Futuro’s debut single “Emmanuelle.”

» Listen to “Felicity Grows” on Spotify – now streaming.

To accompany this colorful tune, we’re also excited to share a complementary music video, directed by the bandleader Simon “Luxardo” Hanes along with Chris “Mr. Transylvania” Shields. Tastefully filmed and edited in classic black & white, Sami and the orchestra audition for the Maestro himself, but will they make the cut? Watch below to find out…

Available on our YouTube channel – subscribe for more exclusive NNA audio/visual content.

‘La Fine Del Futuro’ is available now for pre-order on Vinyl, CD, and Digital formats.
Click here to order from our Shop – including an exclusive 2 LP bundle that includes both Tredici Bacci full-length albums: ‘Amore Per Tutti’ and ‘La Fine Del Futuro’ together for one low price.
Also available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Available worldwide on March 8th, 2019.

Tredici Bacci “In The 1970s” Music Video

It is our pleasure today to share a brand new music video from Tredici Bacci! “In The 1970s” is the second single from the upcoming full-length album ‘La Fine Del Futuro,’ following the previous yuletide single “Emmanuelle” which we shared on Christmas Eve. “In The 1970s” is a perfect example of a new musical direction from Tredici Bacci, locking into the essence of orchestral pop hits of yesteryear, calling to mind the mastery of Burt Bacharach, Dionne Warwick, The Carpenters, classic showtunes and more. With Sami Stevens’ opening lines “everything was  so much better in the 1970s,” one could even say this is Tredici Bacci’s manifesto. The video, directed by Zachary T. Scott with cinematography by Taylor Camarot, tells the story of an oddball murder mystery involving a psychedelic backyard barbeque orgy gone wrong, complete with a vixen-led sex cult and some questionable police officers. Huge thanks to our friends at Tiny Mix Tapes for sharing the video, which you can watch on their site here complete with nice write-up. Also available on our YouTube channel below.

» Click here to listen to “In The 1970s” on Spotify.

‘La Fine Del Futuro’ is available NOW for pre-order on Vinyl, Compact Disc, & Digital formats.
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Available worldwide on March 8th, 2019.

Tredici Bacci ‘La Fine Del Futuro’ Album Release Concert
with Jazzboy
Thursday, February 14th at Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002
» Facebook Event

ANNOUNCING: Tredici Bacci ‘La Fine Del Futuro’

It is with utmost thrill and pleasure that we announce today a brand new full-length album from one of NNA’s nearest and dearest artists, Tredici Bacci! ‘La Fine Del Futuro’ is officially available NOW for pre-order on Vinyl, Compact Disc, and Digital formats. Following up the band’s debut EP ‘The Thirteen Kisses Cassetta’ way back in 2014, up through 2016’s masterful full-length Amore Per Tutti,’ we’re honored now to present ‘La Fine Del Futuro’ as our first LP/CD release of the new year. ‘La Fine Del Futuro’ hones in on the classic Bacci sound, while expanding their palette and influences with a full orchestral line-up of extremely talented musicians. You’ll hear plenty of Simon Hanes‘ original compositions and arrangements, plus covers, collaborations (one with Hanes’ cohort JG Thirlwell, and one with NNA’s own Ryan Power), and the unbelievable vocal prowess of Sami Stevens.

The first 50 LP copies ordered will come pressed on Giallo & Pink Split vinyl, and the second 50 LP copies ordered will come pressed on Solid Pink vinyl in the usual first-come-first-served fashion. The remainder of the edition comes on standard black vinyl.
We’re also offering a special 2x Vinyl Bundle that includes both ‘La Fine Del Futuro’ PLUS Tredici Bacci’s previous full-length album ‘Amore Per Tutti’ together for one low price.

Click HERE to pre-order from our Shop – officially available on the March 3rd, 2019 street date.

Video & Animation by Peter Nichols.

We’re also pleased to announce a special Valentine’s Day album release concert!

Tredici Bacci ‘La Fine Del Futuro’ Album Release Concert
with Jazzboy
Thursday, February 14th at Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002
» Facebook Event

Listen to the first single from the album, “Emmanuelle (feat. JG Thirlwell)”

» Click here to listen on Spotify.


Cover artwork by Phyllis Ma.


1. Titoli Di Testa (3:22)
2. In The 1970s (4:23)
3. Minimallissimo (3:30)
4. Barbarians (3:52)
5. Emmanuelle (feat. JG Thirlwell) (4:29)
6. Felicity Grows (3:09)
7. The Calvary (feat. Ryan Power) (4:05)
8. Promises, Promises (2:27)
9. Impressioni (4:13)
10. Ambulette (3:50)
11. The Liberty Belle (3:56)

A gift for Christmas: Listen to Tredici Bacci’s “Emmanuelle (feat. JG Thirlwell)”

In honor of Christmas Eve, NNA artists Tredici Bacci release a new track “Emmanuelle,” a rearrangement of the Christmas favorite “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” featuring JG Thirlwell on vocals.
♫ Listen on Spotify.

 “Tredici Bacci keeps the collaborative spirit alive with their track “Emmanuelle,” a deranged, gun-slinging take on a yuletide classic featuring vocals from Simon Hanes’ partner-in-crime JG Thirlwell (Foetus, Venture Brothers). This creative rearrangement of a 12th Century hymn turns a Christmas favorite into a sinister Spaghetti Western anthem as Thirlwell’s guttural sneer weaves a menacing tale of good versus evil.”
Stay tuned for more Tredici Bacci news in early January, and Happy New Year from NNA Tapes!
Artwork by Hugues Micol.

ANNOUNCING: S. Araw Trio XIII ‘Activated Clown’

NNA is extremely excited today to announce our inaugural release for the new year, ‘Activated Clown’ by S. Araw Trio XIII. The “Trio” is a new configuration of the Sun Araw Band, the live-action collaborative branch of Sun Araw (brainchild of Los Angeles artist Cameron Stallones). Sun Araw has been steadily active for a full decade now, pushing their own flavor of psychedelic music to it’s limits, initially as a solo project, then expanded to a full band, and now also active as a special “Trio” formation with a rotating lineup. Trio XIII, consisting of Cameron Stallones, Jon Leland, and Tomo Jacobson, is dedicated to live improvised electronic music, performed in various locales around our Earth sphere. Following their first two digital releases ‘Antwerp’ and ‘Warsaw’ on Stallones’ own Sun Ark Records, ‘Activated Clown’ brings us two long-form pieces recorded live during a residency at Grnation in Braga, Portugal. These two pieces, performed with Fender Rhodes, guitar, synthesizers, Vdrum, and ribbon controller (to name a few), achieve enlightened headspaces through a unique language of deep-fried MIDI jazz, making tasteful and expert use of pace, texture, melody, and telepathic connection. We’re so psyched to kick off 2019 with such a special cassette release. Check out the official album announcement & preview from Resident Advisor here for more information.

‘Activated Clown’ is available now for pre-order on Cassette and Digital formats, with an official release date of January 11th, 2019. The Cassette edition features a deluxe translucent acetate J-card, and comes packaged with a digital download coupon.
» Click here to order from our Shop.
» Click here to order from our Bandcamp page.

PLUS, we’re offering a special Cassette + T-Shirt combo package (exclusive to, featuring an Ash Grey shirt with a two-color silkscreen print, designed by Cameron Stallones himself. Check out our Shop for more details.

Listen to an excerpt from Side A – “Hermeto’s Tume”


Cover artwork by EMOJI_ONLINE

Booker Stardrum ‘Temporary etc.’ Full Album Stream on Noisey

We’re elated to report today that ‘Temporary etc.’, the brand new full-length album from percussionist Booker Stardrum, is now available for streaming in it’s entirety courtesy of our friends over at Noisey. Writer Colin Joyce gives an in-depth listen and analysis of the new record, as well as sharing some insight from the artist himself via email correspondence. ‘Temporary etc.’ is a truly stimulating and refreshing listen as a complete entity, with one track flowing seamlessly into the next to create a fluid, singular experience. Many thanks to Colin Joyce for the intelligent write-up, and to Noisey for hosting and supporting adventurous new music. Click here to read and listen.

‘Temporary etc.’ is officially out this Friday, October 26th. Pre-orders are shipping now. The first 100 copies of the LPX Series LP come on limited edition Sea Blue w/ Diamond White Splatter vinyl, first come first served while supplies last. Click here to order from our Shop, or from our Bandcamp page. Tour dates (including two record release concerts in LA and NYC) and more can be found below.

10/25: Baltimore, MD – Solo @ 2640
10/26: Philadelphia, PA – Solo @ Jerry’s on Front
10/28: Brooklyn, NY – Solo @ Union Pool
10/29: Chicago, IL – Solo + trio w/ Dave Rempis + Beth McDonald @ Experimental Sound Studio
10/30: Chicago, IL – Trio w/ Katie Young + Matt Mehlan @ Comfort Station
11/11: Joshua Tree, CA – Solo @ Beatnik Lounge
11/14: Los Angeles, CA – Solo @ Zebulon
11/15: San Francisco, CA – Solo + w/ Sontag Shogun’s Braided Sound @ The Luggage Store Gallery
11/17: Los Angeles, CA – Duo w/ Andrew Bernstein @ Coaxial
11/18: San Diego, CA – Solo @ SDCP 

Video and posters by Miranda Javid.

ANNOUNCING: Booker Stardrum ‘Temporary etc.’ LP

NNA is thrilled to announce a brand new vinyl release for the fall season – Booker Stardrum ‘Temporary etc.’ is officially available now for pre-order. It’s been 3 years since Stardrum’s 2015 NNA debut ‘Dance And,’ and we’re honored to present a new full-length album of the Los Angeles-based percussionist/composer’s unique and otherworldly music. Having spent the better part of the last decade recording and performing with a variety of artists and groups, including Cloud Becomes Your Hand, VaVatican, Lee Ranaldo, Weyes Blood, and Nels Cline, ‘Temporary etc.’ further hones Booker’s distinct vision for the melding of percussive and electronic worlds, exploring electro-acoustic spaces and pan-tonal / pan-rhythmic musical concepts. Recorded, engineered, and mixed with Deerhoof’s John Dieterich, ‘Temporary etc.’ collects nine tracks that flow seamlessly together as one organic entity, ranging from scattered, frenetic drumming to droning, churning minimalism.

‘Temporary etc.’ is the third installment of NNA LPX, our Limited Edition Vinyl LP series, featuring boutique packaging that utilizes locally-sourced manufacturers & small businesses from our hometown of Burlington, Vermont USA. Each LPX record is hand-assembled, numbered, and stamped to ensure limited edition authenticity. The vinyl, silkscreen-printed jackets, and stamps are all produced here in Burlington in order to support & sustain our local creative community. The LP is limited to an edition of 350 copies, with the first 100 copies on custom colored vinyl available on a first-come first-served basis while supplies last. The remainder of the edition will be pressed on White vinyl.

We’re thrilled to share an official trailer video today featuring an excerpt of the track “Swimming,” with video and animation by the inimitable and brilliant Peter Nichols. Check it out below or on our YouTube page:

‘Temporary etc.’ is available NOW for pre-order in our Shop on Vinyl and Digital formats. Click here to order and for more info. Also available on our Bandcamp page. Officially available worldwide on October 26th, 2018.

Cover artwork by Hrafnhildur Helgadóttir.
Portrait photograph by Emma Rae Norton.

Booker Stardrum September/October Tour Dates:
10/25: Baltimore, MD – Solo @ 2640
10/26: Philadelphia, PA – Solo @ Jerry’s on Front
10/28: Brooklyn, NY – Solo @ Union Pool
10/29: Chicago, IL – Solo + trio TBA @ Experimental Sound Studio
10/30: Chicago, IL – Trio w/ Katie Young + Matt Mehlan @ Comfort Station
11/10: Joshua Tree, CA – Solo @ TBA
11/14: Los Angeles, CA – Solo @ Zebulon
11/15: San Francisco, CA – Solo + w/ Sontag Shogun’s Braided Sound @ The Luggage Store Gallery 11/17: Los Angeles, CA – Duo w/ Andrew Bernstein @ Coaxial
11/18: San Diego, CA – Solo @ SDCP 

Brand new: Kalbells NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Super exciting news to share today – NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series with Kalbells is now live! Kalbells, the solo music of Kalmia Traver (Rubblebucket), made their debut on NNA last summer with the acclaimed full-length album ‘Ten Flowers,’ and have since been touring and performing all across the US with an amazing full band. They recently stopped by NPR headquarters in Washington, DC to meet up with Bob Boilen and the Tiny Desk crew to record a live performance in the outstanding Tiny Desk tradition. Click here to watch!

“The band makes life-affirming music that Kalmia created over the past few years, filled with the triumph of being cancer free. The joie de vivre is palpable.” –Bob Boilen, NPR Muisc

Kalbells ‘Ten Flowers’ is available NOW from NNA on Vinyl, CD, and Digital formats.
Click here to purchase from our Shop.

THRDCOAST Premieres LEYA “Cats” Official Music Video

Our friends at THRDCOAST recently premiered a new music video from experimental violin/harp duo LEYA. “Cats,” directed by Corbin Ordel, creates a stunning and intimate setting for LEYA’s unique, otherworldly sound. Click here to watch & read a write-up by Gerard Marcus. Also available on our YouTube channel.
Here’s what director Corbin Ordel has to say about the video:

“I wanted to film Marilu and Adam from two places; the first would be outside, brightly lit, and loud, the second would be inside, dimly lit, and peaceful. These locations are a true representation of what their music does to me, both live and recorded. It’s a full on grounding machine, a peacemaker, music to make a pin drop audible inside your own head. I get chills when their natural holding of court makes every room they play completely silent, and how incredibly loud it gets with applause in their between songs. You feel the energy and blissful tension build up and you feel the release after the final notes are played. I wanted to represent this on film, in one shot, in a close up and personal way. The idea in my mind was to put a sheet of glass between us and the band, so as to keep our eyes directly on the musicians.

We walked out and cast our microphones to catch the sounds of the street, and the train, and the people, and their footsteps, and kept it rolling as we retreated inside to see Leya transform into performance, transitioning from talking to singing, walking to plucking, light to dark, everything to nothing, nothing to everything. We focus the light on the sounds of Adam and Marilu. These concepts cover our reason for filming in a place that is a very familiar setting for everyone involved in this video, outside is everything and on the inside is focus.”

LEYA’s debut album ‘The Fool’ is available NOW from NNA on Cassette & Digital formats.

Proudly presenting our 100th release: V/A ‘Centennial’ 6CS Box Set Compilation

It is with very proud hearts today that we can formally announce a true milestone for our label. A long, long time in the making, the time has finally come to present ‘Centennial’ to the world. Two of the most important things that keep us going are working with all of our talented artists, and the spirit of collaboration. This monumental box set encapsulates both of these ideals to us. For its arrival to also fall on our 10-year anniversary only makes it that much more special. Infinite thanks to all of the artists involved, and our dear friend Brian Raymond for making it a reality. Without further ado, here are the official details:

Over the past decade, NNA Tapes has had the privilege of working with an incredibly diverse, hand-picked selection of artists and musicians from all corners of our planet. With the advent of the 100th catalog number in our discography, we knew we wanted to celebrate this personal milestone with a special release that went back to our roots in the limited edition cassette tape medium, and that also encompasses the unique variety of music that our label has been able to touch upon throughout the years. We reached out and reconnected with the artists who contributed their talents to our label from our first release up to our 99th, asking them to participate in an epic scale project that celebrates not only our 100th official release, but our 10-year anniversary as well. We are very proud to finally announce the culmination of these efforts – ‘Centennial’ is here. This special compilation contains nearly six hours of music, with 66 tracks spread across six professionally duplicated cassette tapes, housed in a 10×10” hand-made brushed aluminum box, adorned with an embossed NNA logo. The box also contains a full-color poster insert featuring original artwork by Robert Beatty, as well as a digital download coupon. Featuring unreleased, exclusive tracks from:

Sun Circle, Pregnant Moon, Duane Pitre, Pink Desert, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Toby Aronson, Caboladies, Harmonizer, Jeff Astin & Raymond Reitano, Time Life, Nonhorse, Driphouse, Pulse Emitter, Ryan Garbes, Hobo Cubes, Headboggle, WANDA GROUP, Hubble, Ken Seeno, Aguirre, Dog Lady Island, Mike Shiflet, Drainolith, Innercity, Quicksails, Hex Breaker Quintet, Co La, Rale, Lieven Martens Moana, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Ryan Power, Le Révélateur, PHORK, Decimus, Belarisk, Howard Stelzer, Transcendence Orchestra (with Anthony Child & Daniel Bean), Blanche Blanche Blanche, Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, Jason Lescalleet, Ahnnu, Astral Social Club, Migrations In Rust, Banny Grove, Guerilla Toss, Tredici Bacci, Battle Trance, Sediment Club, Kid Millions & Sarah Bernstein, Wei Zhongle, Olivia Block, Patrick Higgins, Booker Stardrum, Jake Meginsky, AJ Cornell, Nerftoss, Fox/Soper Duo, die Reihe, Max Eilbacher, GRID, Lea Bertucci, and Wren Kitz.

Professionally duplicated by National Audio Company.
Original artwork by Robert Beatty.
Mastered by Matthewdavid McQueen.
Brushed aluminum boxes fabricated by Brian Raymond with assistance from Cold Hollow of Burlington, Vermont.
Limited edition of 125 hand-numbered copies.

Pre-orders are available NOW in our Shop, as well as our Bandcamp page. Officially available worldwide on August 17th, 2018.

We are also offering some special deals, exclusive to – purchase a package deal of either Centennial + any NNA vinyl LP, or any two NNA vinyl LPs, for only an extra $5.00 per record. Head to our Shop for more information.


New single from The Cradle: “Cell Games and Beyond”

We’re very excited today to share the second official single from ‘Bag Of Holding,’ the upcoming full-length album from The Cradle. “Cell Games and Beyond” is set against a tender foundation of Paco Cathcart’s gorgeous acoustic guitar playing, weaving a lyrical tale of a sci-fi-tinged modern love triangle with his candid and imaginative writing. Like the first single “Sweet Dreams,” this song features beautifully punctuated vocal harmonies from Palberta‘s Anina Ivry-Block and Lily Konigsberg that accentuate the lyrics in all the right places. The talents of collaborator and friend Sammy Weissberg are featured prominently as well, as the song breaks down into an orchestral suite of strings and wind instruments, with emerging melodic motifs that add to the song’s woefully romantic sentiments. Listen below via our Soundcloud page:

Pre-order your copy of ‘Bag Of Holding’ on Vinyl & Digital formats in our Shop, as well as our Bandcamp page. Officially available worldwide on July 27th. The first 100 copies of the LP version will come pressed on limited edition Translucent Smoke with Red Splatter vinyl, available on a first-come-first-served basis at no additional charge. The vinyl version also comes packaged with a complete lyrics sheet and digital download coupon.

PLUS, we’re happy to announce The Cradle Northeast US tour dates with Eyes Of Love!

July 25th: Portland, Maine @ The Apohadion Theater (link)
July 26th: Boston, Massachusetts @ Dorchester Art Project (link)
July 27th: Brooklyn, New York @ Sugarlife Lounge (link)
July 28th: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania @ Tundradome (link)
» Facebook Event Page

Announcing: The Cradle ‘Bag Of Holding’ LP + First Single “Sweet Dreams”

We’re honored today to officially announce our sixth release of 2018 – ‘Bag Of Holding’ by The Cradle is available now for pre-order on Vinyl and Digital formats. The Cradle is the solo music of NYC-based artist Paco Cathcart, a member of the bands Big Neck Police, Shimmer, and Climax Landers, and also a talented recording engineer, writer, and much more. His newest full-length album ‘Bag Of Holding’ takes Cathcart’s distinctive style of homespun folk/pop music and elevates it to the next level of refinement through it’s brilliant production and collaborative nature. For this album, Cathcart enlisted the help of close friends and like-minded artists to add new layers of depth to his recordings, both through the luscious orchestral string & wind arrangements of Sammy Weissberg (a longtime collaborator of The Cradle), plus the harmonic vocal assistance from Lily Konigsberg, Nina Ryser, and Anina Ivry-Block (Palberta). The result is a collection of songs that are both moving, intricate, poignant, and unique, with new details emerging from each listen.

We’re super happy today to share the debut single from ‘Bag Of Holding’ entitled “Sweet Dreams,” which is also the album’s opening track. Huge thanks and gratitude to our friends at Stereogum for hosting the premiere of this song – click here to listen and read the full article.

‘Bag Of Holding’ is available NOW for pre-order in our Shop on Vinyl and Digital formats
officially available worldwide on July 27th, 2018.

Now Streaming: Tsembla ‘The Hole In The Landscape’ via The Wire

Exciting news today – we’re very pleased to share that ‘The Hole In The Landscape,’ the brand new full-length album from Tsembla (Marja Ahti), is streaming now courtesy of The Wire Magazine. Ahti also gives some excellent insight into the album’s sonic creation, having used field recordings from her personal travels to weave into the electronic tapestry. Click here to read the full article and listen to the album in it’s entirety. Many thanks to our friends at The Wire for sharing this brilliant album.

‘The Hole In The Landscape’ is the second release in our new LPX Limited Edition Vinyl Series, which utilizes local businesses and craftspeople from our hometown of Burlington, Vermont to create it’s boutique packaging. Each record is hand-numbered, stamped, and assembled by Toby & Matt of NNA here in Burlington to ensure limited edition authenticity. These records feature silkscreen printed jackets inside a resealable poly sleeve, as well as a protective poly disc sleeve to keep the vinyl out of harm’s way. Digital download coupons are also included inside each copy. The first 100 orders will receive a limited edition colored vinyl version on sublime Pink & Blue Swirled vinyl, first come first served. The remainder of the edition is pressed on White vinyl. These records came out beautifully and we’re excited for folks to finally see, hear, and hold these. ‘The Hole In The Landscape’ is officially available worldwide this Friday, May 25th – pre-orders have already begun shipping.
Click here to order your copy from our Shop. Also available from our Bandcamp page

LEYA ‘The Fool’ Album Stream + “666 (feat. Eartheater)” Music Video

We’re excited to share today that ‘The Fool,’ the debut album from avant-garde harp/violin duo LEYA is now streaming in it’s entirety courtesy of Noisey. Writer Colin Joyce picks the brains of LEYA’s Marilu Donovan and Adam Markiewicz through an email interview in order to explore the origins and processes behind their hauntingly beautiful sound. The article also debuts the voyeuristic new music video for “666 (featuring Eartheater),” directed, edited, and shot by Eartheater’s Alexandra Drewchin. Read the full story, listen to the album, and watch the video here.

“They occasionally indulge the celestial glissandos you might imagine, but more often they embrace a more complicated tonality and melancholic pace—the predominant moods seem to be confusion, uneasiness”

‘The Fool’ is officially available tomorrow, Friday May 11th, on Cassette & Digital formats.
Visit our Shop to purchase your copy – pre-orders are shipping now.

Northside Festival 2018 x NNA Tapes Showcase (2 Nights)

As part of our ongoing celebration of 10 Years of NNA Tapes (2008-2018), we’re thrilled to formally announce our two-night NNA Tapes Showcase at this year’s Northside Festival in Brooklyn, New York! Also celebrating their 10-year anniversary, Northside Festival is graciously hosting two nights of 100% NNA music at their annual arts & music festival in the heart of New York City. Our first show is on Thursday, June 7th at the infamous Union Pool and features live performances from Tredici Bacci, Ryan Power, Erica Eso, and Kalbells. Night 2 is the following day on Friday, June 8th at Film Noir Cinema and features live performances from Lea Bertucci, Qasim Naqvi (of Dawn of MIDI), Marilu Donovan (of LEYA), and Jake Meginsky. Plus, each artist will be performing live with projected cinematic accompaniment, featuring works by a diverse lineup of artists and filmmakers. We’re so excited and honored to have such diverse, comprehensive NNA representation at Northside this year, and we can’t wait for the festival.

Tickets are on sale NOW:
Purchase Tickets – Night 1
Purchase Tickets – Night 2

Northside Festival 2018 Official Website
NNA Showcase: Night 1 – Facebook Event
NNA Showcase: Night 2 – Facebook Event

See you there!

Poster by Sarah Letteney

Poster by Daniel Munzing

Tigue “Triangle” Official Music Video

We’re excited to share new sights and sounds from Tigue! The official music video for the track “Triangle” makes it’s exclusive debut on ThrdCoast today.


Tigue on their latest video:
“We shot this video over the course of a weekend in a 50+ year old gymnasium in Brooklyn. Originally we were planning to hone in on the sculptural nature of our performances — how the arrangement of our instruments can influence how we play and how we write — so we captured performances of the track in a couple different configurations. Simultaneously we spent a lot of the weekend talking about dreams and “strange paradise” and eventually found imagery that seemed to capture the experience in dreams where surroundings feel familiar but are clearly something else.”

Matt Evans — Editor, Producer
Steven Reker — Director
Ty Flowers — Director of Photography, Colorist
Dan Foley — Production Designer, Lighting Designer
Grace Chang — Wardrobe

Tigue’s upcoming full-length album ‘Strange Paradise’ is available now for pre-order on Vinyl LP in our Shop – officially available everywhere on Friday, April 27th. The first 100 copies come on limited edition Golden Yellow vinyl, first come first served. CD & Digital editions available from New Amsterdam Records.


Join us on April 27th for the Strange Paradise’ Album release concert!

LPR Presents:
Strange Paradise Album Release Concert
Friday, April 27th 2018 at Elsewhere Zone 1
599 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn, New York
with LEYA and Operator Music Band
» Click here to purchase tickets
» Facebook event page

Poster by Devra Freelander.

Waking Windows Festival 2018: NNA Tapes Showcase

Today we’re proud to announce our annual showcase for Vermont’s greatest music festival, Waking Windows 2018! The folks of Waking Windows have been bringing massive amounts of live music, art, food, live comedy, and good times to downtown Winooski, Vermont for nearly 8 summers now, and we’re thrilled as ever to present a special 2018 showcase show with a 100% NNA Tapes lineup. Join us on May 4th, 2018 at Lucky Cloud on 13 E Allen St in Winooski, VT for live performances from:


Click HERE to purchase tickets now. Music starts at 9PM, with tons of great stuff to check out around town all day beforehand. View the complete Friday schedule here, and check out the complete festival lineup here. Official festival website:

Facebook Event Page

See you there!

Announcing: LEYA ‘The Fool’ + “Sister” Official Music Video

Today we’re extremely excited to announce our first cassette release of 2018, the debut album by LEYA entitled ‘The Fool.’ LEYA is the new duo of Adam Markiewicz (violin, voice) and Marilu Donovan (harp, voice). Markiewicz and Donovan are New York City-based musicians who have collectively collaborated with a diverse array of forward-thinking music projects, including The Dreebs, PC Worship, Eartheater, GABI, and many more. Their recorded debut ‘The Fool’ is a collection of eight haunting tracks that experiment with alternate tunings of the violin and harp, and the unsettlingly beautiful effects that result in combining vocals with their string-based compositions. ‘The Fool’ also features three collaborative tracks that combine their sound with like-minded artists: Eartheater, PC Worship, and Sunk Heaven. Pre-orders and more information can be found here in our Shop.

We’re happy to share the first single, “Sister,” in the form of a music video directed by Kathleen Dycaico. Many thanks to our friends at SPIN Magazine for premiering the video and for the thoughtful write-up. Click HERE to check it out.

‘The Fool’ is up NOW for pre-order on Cassette & Digital formats in our Shop.
Available everywhere on May 11th, 2018.

Stereogum Premieres New Erica Eso Single ‘House That’s Always Burning feat. Angelica Bess’

Today we are thrilled release the 3rd and final single from NYC avant-pop outfit Erica Eso.  “House That’s Always Burning” features sultry vocals from Angelica Bess (also of Body Language + Kalbells) and is augmented by aggressive rhythms from an alchemy of both live and electronic drums and relentless arpreggiated synth melodies.

Thanks to Stereogum for the premiere.

The Band will also embark on Spring Tour to celebrate the release of ‘129 Dreamless GMG’

Tour Dates: 

3/15 Brooklyn Record Release w/ Horse Lords and the Dreebs @ Alphaville

3/22 Baltimore, MD w/ Wume, Shinji, Agar Agar @ The Crown

3/23 Athens, OH “w/ NosawwasoN and Valley Girls @ The New Happiness

3/24 Chicago, IL w/ Ono, Toupee and Malci @ Observatory Studios

3/25 Madison, WI w/ Julian Lynch and Tippy @ Mickeys Tavern

3/26 Live Facebook Daytrotter Broadcast at 12:15 PM

3/27 Toronto, ON w/ Bernice and Trya @ Baby G

3/29 Montreal, QC w/ Bernice @ l’Escogriffe Bar Spectacle

3/30 Boston, MA w/ Nakedly and Rune @ The Lilypad

‘129 Dreamless GMG’ is out March 16, 2018 on NNA Tapes.

Pre-orders are available NOW in our Shop – click here to order.



Announcing: Tigue ‘Strange Paradise’ Vinyl LP

Today we’re thrilled to announce that ‘Strange Paradise’ by Tigue is available now for pre-order on Vinyl LP. ‘Strange Paradise’ is the brand new sophomore full-length album from New York City-based composer/performer percussion trio Tigue, who have been diligently performing and recording since their widely-acclaimed debut album Peaks (2015). Their percussion-based sound integrates elements of minimalism, art rock, electronic music, ambient, and so much more. On ‘Strange Paradise,’ Tigue have designed an album for extended listening where radiant phrases of tone, texture, and rhythm flow through one another in constant motion, creating dynamic shifts that as a whole provide a transcendent, ecstatic sound environment. We’re excited to team up again with our friends at New Amsterdam Records, who will be issuing the CD/Digital edition of the album.

Pre-orders are available NOW in our Shop – click here to order.

Plus, join us on April 27th for the Strange Paradise’ Album release concert:

LPR Presents:
Strange Paradise Album Release Concert
Friday, April 27th 2018 at Elsewhere
599 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn, New York
with Operator Music Band
» Click here to purchase tickets
» Facebook event page

Album art by Devra Freelander and Gregory Wikstrom.

Subtle Degrees ‘A Dance That Empties’ Full Album Stream

Exciting news today – our friends at (le) poisson rouge are hosting a full album stream of ‘A Dance That Empties,’ the upcoming full-length debut album from Subtle Degrees (Travis Laplante (Battle Trance) & Gerald Cleaver). We’re so happy to collaborate with our friends at New Amsterdam Records to share this brave new work for saxophone and drums. Click here to listen and read more.

You will also find full details for the official album release concert at Union Pool in NYC on March 4th with special guest Ruth Garbus. Coincidentally, 2018 marks the 10 year anniversary for not only New Amsterdam and (le) poisson rouge, but NNA Tapes as well. Come share this special event with us! Subtle Degrees will also be embarking on a US tour later this week – full dates can be found on our Live page.

PopMatters premieres Erica Eso “Love-gun” Official Music Video

Today we’re happy to share that PopMatters has premiered the brand new official music video for Erica Eso‘s second single “Love-gun” from their forthcoming album ‘129 Dreamless GMG’! Directed by Theo Cote, the slow-tempo dreaminess and tag-team vocal delivery of “Love-gun” gets progressively messier (in a good way) as the song progresses… read the full write-up by Sarah Zupko and watch the video here. Erica Eso’s Weston Minissali gives some great insights into the song’s creative songwriting and lyrical ambiguity.

‘129 Dreamless GMG’ is available now for pre-order in our Shop on Vinyl, CD, and Digital formats – officially available everywhere on March 16th, 2018. The first 100 Vinyl copies will come on Translucent Deep Purple vinyl – first come, first served.

Lea Bertucci’s ‘Metal Aether’ Streams in Full at The Wire Magazine

Lea Bertucci‘s highly anticipated full-length ‘Metal Aether’ is streaming in full at The Wire Magazine – click here to listen.

‘Metal Aether’ is available NOW for pre-order in our Shop, as well as on our Bandcamp page, on Limited Edition Vinyl, Compact Disc, and Digital formats. Available everywhere on February 9th, 2018.

This LP is the first installment of our new vinyl series, NNA LPX. LPX Series Limited Edition Vinyl LPs feature boutique packaging and utilize locally-sourced manufacturers & small businesses from our hometown of Burlington, Vermont USA. Each LPX record is hand-assembled, numbered, and stamped to ensure limited edition authenticity. The vinyl, silkscreen-printed jackets, and stamps are all produced here in Burlington in order to support & sustain our local creative community.

Announcing: Subtle Degrees ‘A Dance That Empties’

We are excited to announce a new LP from Travis Laplante’s (Battle Trance) new project Subtle Degrees – a duo between himself + magnificent drummer Gerald Cleaver.

Pre-order ‘A Dance That Empties’ from NNA Tapes.

A Dance that Empties’ is a vibrant demanding recording that evokes everything from contemporary classical music, avant garde jazz, minimalism, technical metal, and sacred world music.

Announcing: Lea Bertucci ‘Metal Aether’ Limited Edition Vinyl

Today we’re very excited to announce brand new music from NNA Tapes artist Lea Bertucci. Following up her 2017 cassette release ‘All That Is Solid Melts Into Air,’ we’re thrilled to present Lea’s new full-length album ‘Metal Aether’now available for pre-order on Limited Edition Vinyl in our Shop. ‘Metal Aether’ develops a language of extended technique for alto saxophone that is based on a spectral, psychoacoustic, and non-linguistic approach to the instrument. Much like the recordings of her previous NNA release, the work continues to explore Lea’s acute interest in the nature of acoustics and the harmonic accumulation of sound, with its four pieces having been recorded in Le Havre, France in a former military base, and in New York City, at ISSUE Project Room.
Available everywhere on February 9th, 2018.

With the release of ‘Metal Aether,’ we’re also proud to debut our new LPX Vinyl Series. LPX Series Limited Edition Vinyl LPs feature boutique packaging and utilize locally-sourced manufacturers & small businesses from our hometown of Burlington, Vermont USA. Each LPX record is hand-assembled, numbered, and stamped to ensure limited edition authenticity. The vinyl, silkscreen-printed jackets, and stamps are all produced here in Burlington in order to support & sustain our local creative community.

In addition, its our pleasure to collaborate with ISSUE Project Room to announce a record release concert for ‘Metal Aether’ featured the incredibly talented Drew McDowall (of Coil) and NNA Tapes alum Olivia Block. This special event will take place at 8pm on Saturday, February 10th at ISSUE Project Room at 22 Boerum, Brooklyn, New York City. Official press release:

Saturday, February 10th, ISSUE presents an evening of site-responsive solo performances with composer Olivia Block, electronic artist Drew McDowell, and composer (and 2015 ISSUE Artist-In-Residence) Lea Bertucci. The evening observes each artist’s individual approach to presenting new work in ISSUE’s theater space, applying the room’s unique acoustics to inform their independent performative methods.

Olivia Block performs a new multiple speaker composition, continuing an ongoing investigation into the properties of wind and its related sounds and symbolic themes. Using a microphone and her breath, small fans, and other small objects on its surface, Block creates aural patterns and “currents” in the room, processing and moving sounds live on her laptop. At certain times, these currents, respond to the architecture and resonance of the space, swirling and flowing around the listeners in particular directions — as in the cold or warm currents of air over the oceans. At other times, all evidence of space and built shapes are erased, as microphone distortion obscures, then reveals additional sounds — voices, organ and piano — buried underneath the wind, settling in various locations in the room. The resonance of the room colors the wind sounds over time, as more tones enter into the mix.

The evening also features stalwart industrial and experimental pioneer Drew McDowall
presenting new works which will become the basis of an album to be released on Dais Records in the Fall of 2018, following his previous releases Collapse (2015) and Unnatural Channel (2017) with the label. For this performance, the pieces make use of a quadraphonic array and are informed by and respond to the acoustics of the space. This proves to be a focused opportunity to hear new work from McDowall, known for his crucial contributions to legendary British avant-pop act Coil, Psychic TV, and numerous collaborative and solo projects that have been foundational to the development of meditative drone and abstract sound.

In addition, for her return to ISSUE, Bertucci celebrates the release of Metal Aether, her second album on NNA Tapes (following 2017’s All That Is Solid Melts Into Air), by presenting recent works for alto saxophone and tape that appear on the record, as well as a new composition that is directly informed by the particular acoustic qualities of 22 Boerum Place.

Birthing Hips ‘Internet’ Music Video Premieres on NPR

Boston, Massachusetts-based Birthing Hips releases a music video to the track ‘Internet’ which NPR calls “Beautifully Deranged”.  The video was directed by Mood Killer & feature monstrous hands, stark lighting and food fights.

Thanks to our friends at NPR Music for the premiere.

Use coupon code NNA2017 at check out to receive 25% off of Birthing Hips ‘Urge to Merge’ as part of our Year End Sale!  Only until January 1st.


Announcing our 2017 Year End Sale

We’ve breached the final month of the year, which means it’s time again for our annual Year End Sale! 2017 was an incredibly prolific, refreshing, and productive year for new NNA music, and we’re honored and humbled to have worked with such talented artists to release eleven forward-thinking, progressive new music titles. To celebrate the closing of another year, and to welcome in another, we’re offering 25% OFF all of our 2017 releases (with the exception of Ahnnu ‘Special Forces’) for the month of December only. Simply use the code NNA2017 upon check-out to receive the 25% discount. This includes the following titles:

» GRID (Nelson, Dahl, Podgurski) Cassette
» Lea Bertucci ‘All That Is Solid Melts Into Air’ Cassette
» Wren Kitz ‘Dancing On Soda Lake’ Cassette
» Multa Nox ‘Living Pearl’ Cassette
» Kalbells ‘Ten Flowers’ Vinyl/CD
» Matthewdavid’s Mindflight ‘Ophiuchus’ Cassette
» Patrick Higgins & Josh Modney ‘EVRLY MVSIC’ Cassette
» Ryan Power ‘They Sell Doomsday’ Double Vinyl/CD
» Birthing Hips ‘Urge To Merge’ Cassette
» The Ah ‘Common Bliss’ Cassette

Sale ends January 1st, 2018. Thanks, as always, for your continued support.

Ahnnu ‘Special Forces’ Full Album Stream + Interview courtesy of Noisey

We’re excited to share today that Ahnnu‘s latest album ‘Special Forces’ is now available for listening in it’s entirety courtesy of Vice’s Noisey. Accompanying the stream is an excellent write-up and interview with Leland Jackson courtesy of writer Colin Joyce, giving some deep insight into Jackson’s musical philosophies and creative practices. Listen & read here.

‘Special Forces’ is available everywhere TOMORROW, December 1st. Order now to secure a copy on limited edition Translucent Red w/ Black Splatter vinyl (moving quickly), or pick up the T-Shirt Package which comes with a limited edition t-shirt featuring the album’s cover art, available exclusively at – check it out here via our Shop.

Dig Boston premieres Birthing Hips ‘Urge To Merge’ Full Album Stream

Today we’re happy to share that Birthing Hips brand new full-length album ‘Urge To Merge’ is streaming NOW in it’s entirety, courtesy of our friends over at Dig Boston! Click here to listen and hear for yourself why Dig Boston’s Nina Corcoran asserts that “Urge to Merge is arguably the tightest Birthing Hips have ever been.” We’re so happy to release the final album by one of Boston’s most exciting, talented new bands. Order your copy of ‘Urge To Merge’ here from our Shop, officially available everywhere tomorrow, November 17th on Cassette and Digital formats.

The Ah debuts new music video “I Changed Colour”

Today we’re happy to debut a brand new music video from The Ah – the solo project of drummer Jeremy Gustin. “I Changed Colour” was directed by Jared Bulmer and presents a beautiful, hypnagogic visual accompaniment to the unique sound world of The Ah. Many thanks to our friends at Tiny Mix Tapes for sharing the premiere.

The Ah’s debut release ‘Common Bliss’ is available NOW for pre-order in our Shop – officially available everywhere on Friday, November 17th.

Announcing: Ahnnu ‘Special Forces’ LP + Music Video

Today we are thrilled to announce our final release of 2017 – and what a tremendous way to end the year. Ahnnu ‘Special Forces’ is available NOW for pre-order on Vinyl & Digital formats. We’re honored to welcome Los Angeles-based producer Ahnnu, aka Leland Jackson (Cakedog), back to NNA with a brand new full-length album. Following up 2013’s ‘Battered Sphinx,’ Jackson returns to push his sound collage expeditions further into the deep beyond by excavating fragments and ethos from music history’s past and infusing them with the electronic frequencies of a future landscape. ‘Special Forces’ continues the experimental & ever-evolving nature of the Ahnnu sound world, stripping the compositions further down to their core to reveal a hypnotic, alien minimalism that seems to transcend time and space.

We’re also happy to debut a music video for the track “Return of Junkman” featuring the computer animation of our comrade Peter Nichols. Check out the exclusive premiere from our friends at Tiny Mix Tapes here.

Photo by Daniel Bashin

‘Special Forces’ is available now for pre-order in our Shopofficially available everywhere December 1st. and we’re also offering an LP+Shirt Bundle containing a vinyl copy of the album along with an exclusive limited edition t-shirt featuring the cover artwork by Leland Jackson. PLUS, the first 100 LP copies will come on Translucent Red w/ Black Splatter vinyl – first come first served, no additional charge.

Birthing Hips Announce New Release + New Single “Droplet”

NNA Tapes is very excited to welcome Boston, Massachusetts-based Birthing Hips to the family.  Their 2nd release, ‘Urge to Merge’ is record full of blistering noise rock + virtuosic performance.  Pre-orders are available now in our Shop – officially available everywhere on November 17, 2017.

Post-Trash premiered the first single “Droplet” and call ‘Urge to Merge’ a “noise rock masterpiece.”

The Ah Announces New Release ‘Common Bliss’ + Shares Music Video for “High Low”

Today we’re pleased to announce new music from The Ah, the solo project of NYC-based musician Jeremy Gustin. Perhaps best known for his talents on the drum set with groups like Delicate Steve, David Byrne, Albert Hammond Jr., & Rubblebucket to name a few, The Ah is a different world altogether, conceived by Gustin as the product of collaboration with his own imagination and the world around him. It’s tough to describe The Ah’s sound with words, but one listen to Gustin’s electronic collages will leave you curious and craving more.  Pre-orders are available now in our Shop – officially available everywhere on November 17, 2017.

Paste Magazine just premiered the music video for the track “High Low” featuring a beautiful music video of found footage by Gustin himself.

NEW Ryan Power single “The Cavalry” + Album Release Concert

It is a truly special day when a new Ryan Power track is released, and this one is particularly excellent. The Cavalry takes a slight step back from the more electronic flavors of Ryan’s recent work, and opts for classic smoothness and melodic beauty, giving a nod to soft rock favorites. Take a listen and read some nice words from our friends at Stereogum.

You can also listen to “The Cavalry” on Spotify, along with the previous single “Empty the Jewels.”

We’re also happy to announce:

THEY SELL DOOMSDAY Album Release Concert
featuring Tredici Bacci and Matt Mitchell

Friday, October 27th, 2017
at The Owl Music Parlor
497 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn, NY
7:30pm Doors | 8:30pm Music
Facebook Event Page

$10 Entrance
* $15 Entrance + Compact Disc
* * $28 Entrance + Double Vinyl

Act I – 8:30pm
Ryan & Matt Mitchell

Act II – 9:30pm
Ryan & Tredici Bacci

Over the last 1.5 decades, Vermont-to-Brooklyn based songwriter/producer Ryan Power has tirelessly embarked on the quest to write the definitive song-based music, full of accuracy, refinement, deliberation, and perfectly-placed shifting harmonic puzzles. This show will be in celebration of his new NNA release: They Sell Doomsday. Ryan will perform two sets: one with Matt Mitchell, one with Tredici Bacci. Ryan is looking forward to this.

Pre-order ‘They Sell Doomsday’ Here.


Kalbells NEW Music Video + Tour Dates with And The Kids!

Today we’re thrilled to share the second official music video from Kalbells‘ debut album ‘Ten Flowers’! “Alonetime” was created and directed by Kalmia Traver herself, featuring lyrics translated to Chinese, Russian, German, and Spanish. Many thanks to Paste Magazine & Robert Ham for spreading the love. Check out their post here, or watch the video below:

We’re also very happy to announce that Kalbells will soon embark on their Fall 2017 Tour around the USA supporting And The Kids! Two very amazing live bands, be sure to check them out when they roll through your area. Dates below:


The Wire Magazine streams Patrick Higgins & Josh Modney’s ‘EVRLY MVSIC’

We are excited to see Josh Modney & Patrick Higgin’s debut release streaming in full over at The Wire Magazine.

‘EVRLY MUSIC’ presents an incredibly original fusion between ancient European musical history and distinctly American experimentalism, hinged on the nexus between improvisation and chamber music, and fueled by a deeply personal musical alliance.

Pre-orders are available in our Shop – officially available everywhere on September 22nd, 2017.

Ryan Power announces NEW double-album & NEW single

It is with tremendous pleasure that we announce ‘They Sell Doomsday,’ the third full-length NNA album from acclaimed songwriter & producer Ryan Power. Nearly four years since his incredible previous album ‘Identity Picks,’ Ryan is back with a 15-song behemoth of a record – and perhaps his most complex and refined work to date. This is also a landmark release for NNA as it is our first Double LP, and the first 100 copies will come on decadent green & purple vinyl. Pre-order your copy here on CD, Vinyl, or Digital – officially out everywhere on October 20th.

Listen (and dance) to the debut single “Empty the Jewels” below:

Check out the album trailer, made by Ryan himself:

And thanks to our friends at The Line Of Best Fit for spreading the word!

Photo: Annakalmia Traver


Announcing NU GROUND: A Celebratory Showcase of Live NNA Music

In the 21st century, operating a music label dedicated to releasing progressive, boundary-pushing music on physical media can be challenging within our modern music industry. With NU GROUND, NNA has joined forces with our diverse roster of musicians to present a night of eclectic new music, with financial proceeds going to help advance our work and vision as a label. These talented artists will gather in one place for one night to celebrate NNA’s continued efforts in bringing great works of art into the world.

NNA Tapes & Brooklyn Bazaar present…

NU GROUND: A Celebratory Showcase of Live NNA Music


Lea Bertucci 
Erica Eso
Ryan Power
Tredici Bacci
Patrick Higgins
Birthing Hips
Wren Kitz

+ DJ Sets by Ambient Church
+ NNA Pop-Up Shop w/ special deals

Wednesday, October 4th 2017
at Brooklyn Bazaar
150 Greenpoint Ave.
Brooklyn, New York City, USA

$12 Advance / $15 Day of show
Pay an extra $5 at the door and receive 3 FREE LP’s from the bin at the door!


New music & visuals from Matthewdavid’s Mindflight

Today we’re extremely excited to announce a new Cassette/Digital release from one of the masters of Modern New Age – Matthewdavid’s Mindflight. His latest release, ‘Ophiuchus,’ presents two long-form electronic works intended to promote elevated consciousness through active listening. Pre-orders are available now in our Shop – officially available everywhere on September 22nd, 2017.

FACT Magazine just premiered the official music video for the title track “Ophiuchus” featuring expansive, radiant, and mind-altering visuals by Los Angeles-based video artist Adam Ferriss.

Kalbells ‘Ten Flowers’ Available NOW

Today we are overjoyed to release Kalbells ‘Ten Flowers’ into the world. This record has been a long beautiful organic process that birthed music filled with joy, wonder + the human spirit. We get to hear the collaboration between Rubblebucket’s front woman Annakalmia Clark Traver and producer + NNA Tapes artist Ryan Power as musical worlds collide to produce a record that hopefully everyone can find a moment within to enjoy.

Continue reading Kalbells ‘Ten Flowers’ Available NOW

Lea Bertucci Tour Dates Announced

Lea Bertucci has some really exciting shows planned for this summer and Fall and stay tuned for a European tour in November !

July 22nd – Solo @ Knockdown Center for Sontag Shogun’s record release party

July 28th – Solo and Cage Shuffle performances at The Walker Museum, Minneapolis, MN

August – Silo City Artist-in-Residence, Buffalo NY (I’ll be writing a saxophone quartet specially designed for resonant space)

September 23-24, El Nicho Festival, Mexico City

September 30th – Solo at The Renaissance Society, Chicago

Kalbells Interviewed on Bandcamp

A glorious interview with Annakalmia Clark Traver of Rubblebucket on her debut solo record, “Ten Flowers”. Kal talked the origins of the record, battling cancer, working with NNA artist Ryan Power + the joy of writing music.

“Writing the album was a big part of my healing, because the record is so much about detoxing and letting your body and your cells express what they need to. That period of writing was pretty transformative for me.” – Annakalmia Clark Traver