ANNOUNCING: The Cradle ‘The Glare of Success’

We are psyched today to deliver some great news – new music from The Cradle is here. Following up the acclaimed 2018 NNA debut ‘Bag of Holding,’ we are now happy to officially announce that ‘The Glare of Success’ is coming April 12th, 2019 on Cassette & Digital formats. For this release, The Cradle’s Paco Cathcart has taken an innovative approach to a follow-up album by extracting the isolated orchestral and vocal elements from his ‘Bag of Holding’ full-length, and used them as source material to create an entirely new song cycle. The sounds of Sammy Weissberg‘s lush orchestral arrangements and Palberta‘s vocal harmonies are recycled and remixed, using the sonic essence of dub music as inspiration to create a new set of rhythmically-driven electronic compositions. Cathcart’s natural talents in the mixing and editing process are on full display on this recording, creating a perfect companion album to the largely acoustic worlds of ‘Bag of Holding.’ Check out a sneak preview of the track “Giving Dub” on the album teaser below:

‘The Glare of Success’ is officially out on April 12th, 2019 on Cassette & Digital formats.
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Cover artwork by the artist.

1. Victorious Dub (4:48)
2. Call Out Dub (3:01)
3. The Name of Willis Reed (2:20)
4. Dub of Holding (2:36)
5. When We Forget Each Other’s Names (1:11)
6. New Organ (3:31)
7. Day’s End Dub (4:46)
8. Poison Mushroom (2:10)
9. Intro (0:38)
10. I’ll Give Dub (5:42)