Quicksails is the moniker of Ben Billington’s densely layered solo electronic music. Influenced by the Kosmische school of krautrock and the organ works of minimalists Terry Riley and J.D. Emmanuel, Billington conjures abstract synth-scapes, hypnotic loops and textured atmospheres punctuated by rhythmic pulses. His background in free jazz and world percussion also lends a heavy hand to create a truly unique project that sets itself apart from the vast synthesizer music underground of today. Billington’s debut vinyl offering Silver Balloons In Clusters (2012) was released through Under the Spire Records. The newest album Mayville Dream (2013) was released by Spectrum Spools, the label curated by John Elliott (of Emeralds) as an off-shoot of Peter Rehberg’s Editions Mego. His solo music has also been released through Deception Island, Digitalis Limited, Discriminate Music, and NNA Tapes.

Along with his bands Tiger Hatchery, ADT and Moonrises…Billington has been lucky enough to also collaborate with the likes of Rhys Chatham, John Olson, David Daniell, Ryley Walker, Josh Abrams, Jeff Parker, Paul Flaherty, Circuit des Yeux, Wasteland Jazz Unit, Ettrick, Akkolyte, Nathan Bell, Chris Grier, many more.