LEYA announce new mixtape, ‘Eyeline,’ + shares “Win Some” (feat. Okay Kaya)

New York City violin and harp duo, LEYA (Marilu Donovan and Adam Markiewicz), are set to release their new mixtape, ‘Eyeline,’ on March 4th!  The tape features collaborations with Julie Byrne, Okay Kaya, Eartheater, Actress, claire rousay, Deli Girls, James K, Sunk Heaven, and Martha Skye Murphy. Made with friends at home, ‘Eyeline’ is of the origin of sight, like seeing the one who is watching, an imperfect parade for charmed constellations.

The announcement coincides with the drunken, but amorous “Win Some” (feat. Okay Kaya) and its airy music video edited by Vanessa Castro. Sherah Shipman swirls underneath a beautiful, winding track guided by Okay Kaya’s organ-like strings that trace a somber beginning to a swirling, transcendent finish. Pre-orders for ‘Eyeline’ on cassette and digital are available now!

[Photo Credit: Jessica Hallock]