New Single from Guerilla Toss: “Plants”

We’re thrilled today to finally unveil the lead single from ‘What Would The Odd Do?’, the upcoming EP from Guerilla Toss“Plants” is a disco-post-punk-prog epic about the perceived psychosis of the fictional protagonist, Lara. Based off the books, What A Plant Knows and The Hidden Life Of Trees, the song combats the anti-spiritual western notion that plants are devoid of all communication, when, in fact, there is an entire language of which we are “blissfully unaware.” The track also explores the old-fashioned idea of a woman being crazy, when, in reality, she simply isn’t being heard. Stephen Cooper’s driving bass line propels a force that is somewhere between Hawkwind and Giorgio Moroder, while Sam Lisabeth’s exploratory synth explosions create one of GT’s most blissful and sentimental tracks to date. With additional drum production and sound design by Catskill, NY synth wizard, MaZmiTh, the track moves into a psychedelic oblivion.

For Kassie Carlson, singer, songwriter, and bandleader of Guerilla TossWhat Would The Odd Do? is unarguably the groups most personal release in their impressive history as a music-making collective. After open heart surgery in 2017 to remove a dangerous blood clot caused by a severe opiate addiction, Carlson has found a new joy in life. She has since moved to Upstate New York with her partner and Guerilla Toss drummer, Peter Negroponte, and has never felt more inspired.

What Would The Odd Do? is a further exploration into new territories, while still remaining true to the band’s fringe sound. A portion of the proceeds from the album will go to the Harlem Harm Reduction Clinic, in an attempt to further our reach in the opiate crisis battle.

“Plants” is available now for listening on your preferred streaming platform:
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‘What Would The Odd Do?’ is available now for pre-order on Standard and Special Edition Vinyl, Compact Disc, and Digital formats – out worldwide on Friday, Oct. 18.
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Photo credit: Vanessa Castro