The Ah Shares New Track “Watermelon Tears” + ‘Mere Husk’ out Jan 31

We’re excited to announce our first cassette release of 2020 — a new album from the unique sound world of NYC-based musician Jeremy Gustin, aka The Ah. Mere Husk is now available for pre-order (available January 31), and we’re thrilled to share the lead single with you today.

On “Watermelon Tears, humor and unpredictability are put to good use, giving the track a candy-coated quality that’s steeped in colorful psychedelia. Gustin says, “Watermelon tears are the kind of tears you get when you laugh really hard… the sweet tears.”

The release of Mere Husk will be celebrated in conjunction with Gustin’s forthcoming photography book Foundscapes (being released with 11A Records) at Brooklyn NY’s Step Bone Cut on February 1st.

♫ Listen to “Watermelon Tears.”

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» Also available on Bandcamp.