Tredici Bacci “In The 1970s” Music Video

It is our pleasure today to share a brand new music video from Tredici Bacci! “In The 1970s” is the second single from the upcoming full-length album ‘La Fine Del Futuro,’ following the previous yuletide single “Emmanuelle” which we shared on Christmas Eve. “In The 1970s” is a perfect example of a new musical direction from Tredici Bacci, locking into the essence of orchestral pop hits of yesteryear, calling to mind the mastery of Burt Bacharach, Dionne Warwick, The Carpenters, classic showtunes and more. With Sami Stevens’ opening lines “everything was  so much better in the 1970s,” one could even say this is Tredici Bacci’s manifesto. The video, directed by Zachary T. Scott with cinematography by Taylor Camarot, tells the story of an oddball murder mystery involving a psychedelic backyard barbeque orgy gone wrong, complete with a vixen-led sex cult and some questionable police officers. Huge thanks to our friends at Tiny Mix Tapes for sharing the video, which you can watch on their site here complete with nice write-up. Also available on our YouTube channel below.

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Available worldwide on March 8th, 2019.

Tredici Bacci ‘La Fine Del Futuro’ Album Release Concert
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Thursday, February 14th at Mercury Lounge
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