ANNOUNCING: Tredici Bacci ‘La Fine Del Futuro’

It is with utmost thrill and pleasure that we announce today a brand new full-length album from one of NNA’s nearest and dearest artists, Tredici Bacci! ‘La Fine Del Futuro’ is officially available NOW for pre-order on Vinyl, Compact Disc, and Digital formats. Following up the band’s debut EP ‘The Thirteen Kisses Cassetta’ way back in 2014, up through 2016’s masterful full-length Amore Per Tutti,’ we’re honored now to present ‘La Fine Del Futuro’ as our first LP/CD release of the new year. ‘La Fine Del Futuro’ hones in on the classic Bacci sound, while expanding their palette and influences with a full orchestral line-up of extremely talented musicians. You’ll hear plenty of Simon Hanes‘ original compositions and arrangements, plus covers, collaborations (one with Hanes’ cohort JG Thirlwell, and one with NNA’s own Ryan Power), and the unbelievable vocal prowess of Sami Stevens.

The first 50 LP copies ordered will come pressed on Giallo & Pink Split vinyl, and the second 50 LP copies ordered will come pressed on Solid Pink vinyl in the usual first-come-first-served fashion. The remainder of the edition comes on standard black vinyl.
We’re also offering a special 2x Vinyl Bundle that includes both ‘La Fine Del Futuro’ PLUS Tredici Bacci’s previous full-length album ‘Amore Per Tutti’ together for one low price.

Click HERE to pre-order from our Shop – officially available on the March 3rd, 2019 street date.

Video & Animation by Peter Nichols.

We’re also pleased to announce a special Valentine’s Day album release concert!

Tredici Bacci ‘La Fine Del Futuro’ Album Release Concert
with Jazzboy
Thursday, February 14th at Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002
» Facebook Event

Listen to the first single from the album, “Emmanuelle (feat. JG Thirlwell)”

» Click here to listen on Spotify.


Cover artwork by Phyllis Ma.


1. Titoli Di Testa (3:22)
2. In The 1970s (4:23)
3. Minimallissimo (3:30)
4. Barbarians (3:52)
5. Emmanuelle (feat. JG Thirlwell) (4:29)
6. Felicity Grows (3:09)
7. The Calvary (feat. Ryan Power) (4:05)
8. Promises, Promises (2:27)
9. Impressioni (4:13)
10. Ambulette (3:50)
11. The Liberty Belle (3:56)