JJJJJerome Ellis Shares “Dysfluent Waters” 〰️ ‘The Clearing’ out Nov. 5

Composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and poet JJJJJerome Ellis today shared “Dysfluent Waters,” a new track and music-video-poem from his forthcoming album and book, The Clearing, a conceptual and musical tour de force that explores how stuttering, blackness, and music can be practices of refusal against hegemonic governance of time, speech, and encounter.

Premiered earlier today with Foxy Digitalis, “Dysfluent Waters” opens with hypnotic, polyrhythmic music for piano, percussion, and saxophone. Ellis asks: “How can thinking about water help us think about dysfluencies, blacknesses, and musics together?” After he tells a true story about captured Africans using music to help them execute a mutiny, the track suddenly gives way to a searching, sweeping section led by a warm Rhodes keyboard. Ellis’ favorite part of this section is a Toni Morrison quote he reads, in which she describes how the Mississippi periodically floods shoreline where it had been straightened: “‘Floods’ is the word they use, but in fact it is not flooding; it is remembering. Remembering where it used to be.” A delicate flute solo over sparse polyrhythmic percussion leads to an oceanic soundscape. Out of the soundscape arise sharp, distorted percussion, Ellis’ shouts, and a searing saxophone solo. The track closes with a chorus of saxophones that sound like waves rising to meet the rising sun.

The Clearing arrives November 5th 〰️ available on 2xLP, digital, & in book form via @wendyssubway.

“I’d gone from barely paying attention to being totally rapt. Everybody was… we were all just kind of spellbound”
This American Life

“An absolutely epic double-album, and highlight of the season… a must-hear this November.”
Deepest Currents

a compelling thesis over sweeping ambience and trap percussion”
The Guardian

“Sometimes an album comes out of the unknown that spins you right around… you need to hear this”
–Was Ist Das

“sonic healing”
WNYC New Sounds

Out Now: Rachika Nayar – Our Hands Against The Dusk [NNA-136]

“As expansive as it is intimate… Magnificent music full of abstract memories and synthesized, manipulated sounds that function as a two-way mirror.”
Bandcamp (Album of the Day)

“As the song progresses, endless variations of the sample emerge and collide like particles in an accelerator, assuming unexpected forms as they build towards clarity… a meditation on the potential of interpersonal touch.”
Pitchfork (on “The Trembling of Glass”)

“Through all the wonderful textures, there’s an essence that doesn’t need to be explained, it can just be felt.”
The Quietus

“Delicate but powerful, evoking the feeling of recollection in every wavering beat.”


The debut full-length from ambient-electronic musician Rachika Nayar, Our Hands Against the Dusk, is animated by the experience of “touch—not just caress, but encounters, collisions, and the point of contact between worlds. Composed over four years from digitally processing a combination of textured guitar loops, shimmering synthesizer crescendos, and orchestral strings, the album synthesizes a range of genres—modern composers, deconstructive electronic, even Midwestern emo and beyond. It’s a shifting stylistic bent that reflects a queer life woven between ever-evolving identities, discourses, and spaces as a trans-feminine Indian American.

The diverse influences are visible on longer tracks such as “Losing Too Is Still Ours,” which extends from rippling guitar figures and keening vocals to methodic, marching strings. Such titles reference a range of personal and cultural images—a Rainer Maria Rilke poem of great personal importance, an Indian mystic at whose Pondicherry ashram a family member had a moment of Hindu “darshan,” and other vivid motifs.

For Nayar, the album’s fluid but always deeply felt form is thus a way of translating that which could never be summed up with static names, words, or feelings. To that end, Our Hands Against the Dusk mines the flux and discontinuity of experience as fertile ground. Nayar’s debut invites us to join alongside it in thinking beyond metanarratives, as musical and emotional histories touch in its twilight space and refract into a multifaceted whole. In that endeavor, Our Hands Against the Dusk is an embrace and a hope.

Available through Bandcamp & our web store, and at select indie record stores.

Liturgy & LEYA Release Collaborative New Single “Antigone”

NNA Tapes is thrilled to release “Antigone,” a collaborative piece from transcendental black metal band Liturgy and NYC-based avant-pop duo LEYA. The track weaves two distinct threads: the bronzed grandiosity of Liturgy’s soaring, ecstatic swells of guitar and drums cedes to the ghostly roll of harp chords and electric violin/voice melancholy, then returns with propulsive roil to a climactic ending. The resulting song within a song takes the listener on a journey that is simultaneously exhilarating and somber, an expression of feeling that draws from two groups pushing towards opposite energetic poles of a balance between the sublime and damned.

PAPER Magazine premiered “Antigone” this week along with an exclusive Q&A with Liturgy & LEYA. The single is now available on Bandcamp.

Out Now: [NNA125] GRID – Decomposing Force

GRID–the experimental trio of Matt Nelson (Battle Trance; Elder Ones) on saxophone, Tim Dahl (Child Abuse; Lydia Lunch Retrovirus) on bass, and Nick Podgurski (New Firmament; Feast of the Epiphany) on drums–have released their colossal sophomore album ‘Decomposing Force’ today on NNA Tapes.

‘Decomposing Force’ was recorded live, in one room, and then mixed to ½-inch tape. With Dahl’s bass amp angled directly into the microphone Nelson uses for his saxophone, the improvisational sounds of the entire band are fed through the same effects, creating a continuously interactive and variable soundscape that remains beyond strict categorization. GRID’s cyclical transmission of sound and energy continually develops expressive, hyperactive, and protean textures that brutally and masterfully navigate through the dense, heavy atmosphere of ‘Decomposing Force’ with vigorous dynamism. There are no overdubs.

Listen to GRID and Lydia Lunch discuss the album on Lunch’s podcast The Lydian Spin. As a bonus, a previously unreleased collaboration with Lunch, titled “Lockdown,” opens the hour-long segment. GRID and Lunch collaborated, previously, on digital single “Stranglehold : The world according to Herbert Huncke,” available at Bandcamp.

‘Decomposing Force’ [NNA125] is GRID’s first album available on vinyl. Order it from our shop and on Bandcamp.

TALsounds Announces ‘Acquiesce,’ “No Rise” Premieres at The Fader

“One of America’s most compelling DIY artists.” –The FADER

Chicago-based Lebanese American electronic artist Natalie Chami has announced Acquiesce, her fifth solo album as TALsounds, available on Standard Black Vinyl, Limited Edition White Vinyl, and Digital formats on May 22nd. Today, Chami is sharing the album’s lead single “No Rise,” ahead of its release to streaming services tonight at midnight, exclusively via The Fader.

♫ Listen: TALsounds – “No Rise”

“The long, instrumental beginning of “No Rise” was just me obsessing over sounds—letting them spiral together organically, much like thoughts have a tendency to do, while also trying to make sense of them.” Chami told The FADER over email, “The song was originally over 9 minutes long, with me just jammin’ on the MS20 trying to make it sound like a guitar solo. It wasn’t until I started singing that I realized I was actually working through feelings of vulnerability and anxiety. I eventually got to this moment where there was nothing good, nothing bad, nothing spiritual going on, just me and my breath.”

Over the past decade Natalie has been at the forefront of Chicago’s DIY electronic music community. In addition to her solo work, Chami is one-third of Good Willsmith, half of ambient duo l’eternebre, and frequently collaborates with her peers—notably with Brett Nauke and Whitney Johnson (aka Matchess)—in the Windy City’s “post-band” scene. Her last album Love Sick (2017) landed at position #39 on Chicago Reader‘s Best Albums of the 2010s list.

TALsounds will be playing at Metro Chicago on April 2nd with Dan Deacon and have her release show at Constellation on May 22nd (tickets on sale tuesday March 10th) with Sam Prekop. This spring, Natalie will announce a full summer tour.

GRID Announce New Album ‘Decomposing Force,’ Share “Brutal Kings”

GRID—Brooklyn noise jazz trio comprised of Matt Nelson (Tune-Yards, Battle Trance, Elder Ones), Tim Dahl (Child Abuse), and Nick Podgurski (New Firmament, Feast of Epiphant)—today announced their new album Decomposing Force will be released April 24th, 2020.

♫ Listen: GRID – “Brutal Kings”

“Brutal Kings,” the album’s lead single that is out today, delivers an initiating thrust, a brief glimpse of coherence, torn in two by corrosive psychedelic fission. It is the genesis of Decomposing Force’s descent into pandemonic new age annihilation. The track follows their recent standalone single “Stranglehold : The world according to Herbert Huncke,” which features singer/poet Lydia Lunch on vocals, as well as their 2017 debut, which earned praise from PitchforkViceNPR, among many others.

On April 6th, GRID will be playing at Pioneer Works (as a part of the venue’s monthly False Harmonics series) and will announce US/EU tour dates this Spring.

Kalbells Announce ‘Mothertime’ EP, Share “Cool and Bendable” Video

Kalbells (the project led by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Kalmia Traver) have announced Mothertime, a four track EP co-produced with Jeremy Malvin (aka Chrome Sparks). The cathartic lead single and accompanying music video for “Cool and Bendable” premiered via The Fader and is now available to purchase/stream worldwide here.

♫ Listen: Kalbells – “Cool and Bendable”
♫ Watch: Kalbells – “Cool and Bendable” 

Mothertime will be out April 10th, 2020 and is available to preorder on Cassette and Digital formats.

Tour Dates:

Wed, April 29 – Philadelphia, PA @ Milkboy *
Thu, April 30 – Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong *
Fri, May 1 – Albany, NY @ The Hollow *
Sat, May 2 – Brooklyn, NY @ Sultan Room *
Wed, May 6 – Burlington, VT @ ArtsRiot
Thu, May 7 – Boston, MA @ Middle East Upstairs
Fri, May 8 – Greenfield, MA @ 10 Forward
Sat, May 9 – Portland, ME @ SPACE Gallery

LEYA Premiere “INTP” Video at i-D + More Tour Dates Announced

NNA Tapes is thrilled to release “INTP” — the third and final single from LEYA’s upcoming sophomore LP Flood Dream, out March 6.

Premiering first at i-D Magazine, the horror-romance clip follows two young lovers, vibrant with the purity of life, as they break into a house they believe to be empty. As the lovers begin to question their solitude, “INTP” revels in the tension.

The “INTP” video was dreamt up and directed by Kathleen Dycaico, who also directed the video for “Sister” from LEYA’s debut album The Fool.

♫ Listen: LEYA – “INTP”
♫ Watch: LEYA – “INTP”

Flood Dream is available for pre-order on Standard Black Vinyl, Compact Disc, and Digital, and will be released on March 6.

March 5 – Brooklyn, NY @ Trevorshaus 
March 6 – Virginia Beach, VA @ The Pink Dinghy
March 7 – Athens, GA @ Adverse Fest
March 8 – Atlanta, GA @ The Bakery
March 9 – West Palm Beach, FL @ Chill Pillars HQ
March 10 – Miami, FL @ Churchill’s
March 11 – Gainesville, FL @ Civic Media Center
March 12 – Birmingham, AL @ Saturn
March 13 – New Orleans, LA @ The Mudlark
March 14 – Houston, TX @ Rudyard’s
March 15 – Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves
March 16 – Dallas, TX @ RBC
March 17 – 22 Austin, TX @ SXSW
March 23 – El Paso, TX @ Love Buzz
March 24 – Tucson, AZ @ Wooden Tooth
March 25 – Los Angeles, CA @ Zebulon
March 26 – San Francisco, CA @ Adobe Books
March 27 – Oakland, CA @ The Dome
March 29 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Compound
March 30 – Albuquerque, NM @ The Desert House
March 31 – Tulsa, OK @ Tulsa Noise
April 1 – St. Louis, MO @ Blank Space
April 2 – Lexington, KY @ Robert’s House
April 3 – Baltimore, MD @ Floristree
April 15 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Thunderbird *
April 16 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme *
April 17 – Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle *
April 18 – Detroit, MI @ The Sanctuary *
April 19 -Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class *
April 21 – Toronto, ON @ Baby G *
April 22 – Montreal, QC @ L’Esco *
April 23 – Boston, MA @ Great Scott *
April 24 – NYC @ Baby’s All Right *
April 25 – Philadelphia, PA @ MilkBoy *
July 2020 – Brooklyn, NY @ Pioneer Works

 NYC Record Release with Eartheater & Chanel 63
* with Liturgy

The Ah Shares Yuka C. Honda (Cibo Matto) Directed Music Video For New Single “Just Relief”

The Ah has shared the music video for “Just Relief,” the hypnotic third and final single from the forthcoming sophomore album Mere Huskreleasing January 31st.

♫ Listen / Watch the Video for “Just Relief.”

The video’s director, Yuka C. Honda (of Cibo Matto), shared her process: “I approach music and video in the same way as cooking. For me, it’s all about understanding the ingredients and creating something that uses their character to the fullest extent. In other words, I don’t write the story and look for the performers. I write the story based on the characters I am already aware of, with whom I am working. Jeremy sent me this music and asked me to make a video. I love the song very much. Somehow, it made me think about the last scene of the film “Black Orpheus”. When the protagonist dies at the end, children emerge. They pick up the guitar that he dropped, then regard the sunrise and start singing and dancing. Life goes on. Death is heart-wrenching. But there are children who will keep on dancing, playing the guitars that we dropped. I thought, “I can make this video!”, because I knew I wouldn’t mind listening to this song 600 hundred times while editing.”

The release of Mere Husk will be celebrated alongside Gustin’s forthcoming photography book Foundscapes (releasing with 11A Records) at Brooklyn NY’s Step Bone Cut on February 1st.

LEYA Share New Single “Wave” + Announce North American Tour Dates

LEYA, today, have shared their self-directed video for enveloping new single “Wave,” the second from their forthcoming sophomore album Flood Dream.

♫ Listen: LEYA – “Wave”
♫ Watch: LEYA – “Wave”

“The video features our two friends,” LEYA explains, “disciples of 34th generation Shaolin warrior monk and activist Shi Yan Ming, founder of the luminous USA Shaolin Temple in Manhattan, where RZA, Rosie Perez, Wesley Snipes, Jim Jarmusch, and Tricky have all trained. They are part of the wave.”

“Wave” follows the album’s lead single “Weight” (which features the operatic-pop vocalist GABI), as well as their newly released collaborative EP with EartheaterAngel Lust, surprise-dropped in December 2019 via PAN. The band have also announced a North American tour, today, including dates with Eartheater and Liturgy.

Flood Dream is available for pre-order on vinyl and CD, and will be released on March 6.

» Click here to order from our Shop.
» Also available on Bandcamp.

March 5 – Brooklyn, NY @ Trevorshaus 
March 6 – Richmond, VA @ Shockoe Atelier
March 7 – Athens, GA @ Adverse Fest
March 8 – Atlanta, GA @ The Bakery
March 9 – Orlando, FL @ Uncle Lou’s
March 10 – Miami, FL @ Churchill’s
March 11 – Gainesville, FL @ Civic Media Center
March 12 – Birmingham, AL @ The Firehouse
March 13 – New Orleans, LA @ The Mudlark
March 14 – Houston, TX @ Rudyard’s
March 15 – Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves
March 16 – Dallas, TX @ RBC
March 17 – 22 Austin, TX @ SXSW
March 23 – El Paso, TX @ Love Buzz
March 24 – Tucson, AZ @ Wooden Tooth
March 25 – Los Angeles, CA @ Zebulon
March 26 – San Francisco, CA @ Adobe Books
March 27 – Oakland, CA @ The Dome
March 29 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Compound
March 30 – Albuquerque, NM @ The Desert House
March 31 – Tulsa, OK @ Tulsa Noise
April 1 – St. Louis, MO @ Blank Space
April 15 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Thunderbird *
April 16 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme *
April 17 – Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle *
April 18 – Detroit, MI @ The Sanctuary *
April 19 -Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class *
April 21 – Toronto, ON @ Baby G *
April 22 – Montreal, QC @ L’Esco *
April 23 – Boston, MA @ Great Scott *
April 24 – NYC @ The Dance *
April 25 – Philadelphia, PA @ MilkBoy *
July 2020 – Brooklyn, NY @ Pioneer Works

 NYC Record Release with Eartheater & Chanel 63
* with Liturgy

The Ah Shares “The Factory Girl” • Announces Tape+Book Bundle

Today, The Ah—solo project of composer and musician Jeremy Gustin (Rubblebucket, Okkervil River, Delicate Steve, Marc Ribot, Albert Hammond Jr, etc)—shared the second single from his forthcoming sophomore full-length Mere Husk.

Following the lead single “Watermelon Tears,” which caught the attention of Paste Magazine (“displaying the happy energy of life”), The New York Times (“a burst of comic relief”) and others,”The Factory Girl” features Gustin’s friend, Yuan Liu, on vocals, who also stars in the track’s accompanying music video. Links below!

On the song, Gustin explains, “‘The Factory Girl’ is based on a traditional Irish song I first heard Margaret Barry sing. When struck by the beauty of the melody and the phrasing, I challenged myself to see what I could do with it to completely change the vibe, but keep the integrity of the melody. As I decided to not have vocals here, the narrative of the original, of course, is lost. But my friend Yuan just happened to be over my place at the moment I was recording this and I asked her to improvise some dialogue, which she did brilliantly. This of course alters the original narrative but keeps the underlying theme of love intact.”

The release of Mere Husk will be celebrated in conjunction with Gustin’s forthcoming photography book Foundscapes (releasing with 11A Records) at Brooklyn NY’s Step Bone Cut on February 1st.  Mere Husk is available for preorder in our shop and on Bandcamp (with a limited quantity of the album and book available as a bundle), and will be out January 31st.

♫ Listen / Watch “The Factory Girl.”

Booker Stardrum ‘Temporary etc.’ Full Album Stream on Noisey

We’re elated to report today that ‘Temporary etc.’, the brand new full-length album from percussionist Booker Stardrum, is now available for streaming in it’s entirety courtesy of our friends over at Noisey. Writer Colin Joyce gives an in-depth listen and analysis of the new record, as well as sharing some insight from the artist himself via email correspondence. ‘Temporary etc.’ is a truly stimulating and refreshing listen as a complete entity, with one track flowing seamlessly into the next to create a fluid, singular experience. Many thanks to Colin Joyce for the intelligent write-up, and to Noisey for hosting and supporting adventurous new music. Click here to read and listen.

‘Temporary etc.’ is officially out this Friday, October 26th. Pre-orders are shipping now. The first 100 copies of the LPX Series LP come on limited edition Sea Blue w/ Diamond White Splatter vinyl, first come first served while supplies last. Click here to order from our Shop, or from our Bandcamp page. Tour dates (including two record release concerts in LA and NYC) and more can be found below.

10/25: Baltimore, MD – Solo @ 2640
10/26: Philadelphia, PA – Solo @ Jerry’s on Front
10/28: Brooklyn, NY – Solo @ Union Pool
10/29: Chicago, IL – Solo + trio w/ Dave Rempis + Beth McDonald @ Experimental Sound Studio
10/30: Chicago, IL – Trio w/ Katie Young + Matt Mehlan @ Comfort Station
11/11: Joshua Tree, CA – Solo @ Beatnik Lounge
11/14: Los Angeles, CA – Solo @ Zebulon
11/15: San Francisco, CA – Solo + w/ Sontag Shogun’s Braided Sound @ The Luggage Store Gallery
11/17: Los Angeles, CA – Duo w/ Andrew Bernstein @ Coaxial
11/18: San Diego, CA – Solo @ SDCP 

Video and posters by Miranda Javid.

ANNOUNCING: Booker Stardrum ‘Temporary etc.’ LP

NNA is thrilled to announce a brand new vinyl release for the fall season – Booker Stardrum ‘Temporary etc.’ is officially available now for pre-order. It’s been 3 years since Stardrum’s 2015 NNA debut ‘Dance And,’ and we’re honored to present a new full-length album of the Los Angeles-based percussionist/composer’s unique and otherworldly music. Having spent the better part of the last decade recording and performing with a variety of artists and groups, including Cloud Becomes Your Hand, VaVatican, Lee Ranaldo, Weyes Blood, and Nels Cline, ‘Temporary etc.’ further hones Booker’s distinct vision for the melding of percussive and electronic worlds, exploring electro-acoustic spaces and pan-tonal / pan-rhythmic musical concepts. Recorded, engineered, and mixed with Deerhoof’s John Dieterich, ‘Temporary etc.’ collects nine tracks that flow seamlessly together as one organic entity, ranging from scattered, frenetic drumming to droning, churning minimalism.

‘Temporary etc.’ is the third installment of NNA LPX, our Limited Edition Vinyl LP series, featuring boutique packaging that utilizes locally-sourced manufacturers & small businesses from our hometown of Burlington, Vermont USA. Each LPX record is hand-assembled, numbered, and stamped to ensure limited edition authenticity. The vinyl, silkscreen-printed jackets, and stamps are all produced here in Burlington in order to support & sustain our local creative community. The LP is limited to an edition of 350 copies, with the first 100 copies on custom colored vinyl available on a first-come first-served basis while supplies last. The remainder of the edition will be pressed on White vinyl.

We’re thrilled to share an official trailer video today featuring an excerpt of the track “Swimming,” with video and animation by the inimitable and brilliant Peter Nichols. Check it out below or on our YouTube page:

‘Temporary etc.’ is available NOW for pre-order in our Shop on Vinyl and Digital formats. Click here to order and for more info. Also available on our Bandcamp page. Officially available worldwide on October 26th, 2018.

Cover artwork by Hrafnhildur Helgadóttir.
Portrait photograph by Emma Rae Norton.

Booker Stardrum September/October Tour Dates:
10/25: Baltimore, MD – Solo @ 2640
10/26: Philadelphia, PA – Solo @ Jerry’s on Front
10/28: Brooklyn, NY – Solo @ Union Pool
10/29: Chicago, IL – Solo + trio TBA @ Experimental Sound Studio
10/30: Chicago, IL – Trio w/ Katie Young + Matt Mehlan @ Comfort Station
11/10: Joshua Tree, CA – Solo @ TBA
11/14: Los Angeles, CA – Solo @ Zebulon
11/15: San Francisco, CA – Solo + w/ Sontag Shogun’s Braided Sound @ The Luggage Store Gallery 11/17: Los Angeles, CA – Duo w/ Andrew Bernstein @ Coaxial
11/18: San Diego, CA – Solo @ SDCP 

New single from The Cradle: “Cell Games and Beyond”

We’re very excited today to share the second official single from ‘Bag Of Holding,’ the upcoming full-length album from The Cradle. “Cell Games and Beyond” is set against a tender foundation of Paco Cathcart’s gorgeous acoustic guitar playing, weaving a lyrical tale of a sci-fi-tinged modern love triangle with his candid and imaginative writing. Like the first single “Sweet Dreams,” this song features beautifully punctuated vocal harmonies from Palberta‘s Anina Ivry-Block and Lily Konigsberg that accentuate the lyrics in all the right places. The talents of collaborator and friend Sammy Weissberg are featured prominently as well, as the song breaks down into an orchestral suite of strings and wind instruments, with emerging melodic motifs that add to the song’s woefully romantic sentiments. Listen below via our Soundcloud page:

Pre-order your copy of ‘Bag Of Holding’ on Vinyl & Digital formats in our Shop, as well as our Bandcamp page. Officially available worldwide on July 27th. The first 100 copies of the LP version will come pressed on limited edition Translucent Smoke with Red Splatter vinyl, available on a first-come-first-served basis at no additional charge. The vinyl version also comes packaged with a complete lyrics sheet and digital download coupon.

PLUS, we’re happy to announce The Cradle Northeast US tour dates with Eyes Of Love!

July 25th: Portland, Maine @ The Apohadion Theater (link)
July 26th: Boston, Massachusetts @ Dorchester Art Project (link)
July 27th: Brooklyn, New York @ Sugarlife Lounge (link)
July 28th: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania @ Tundradome (link)
» Facebook Event Page

Announcing: Tsembla ‘The Hole In The Landscape’ + Music Video

Today it is our distinct pleasure to announce a brand new NNA release: Tsembla ‘The Hole In The Landscape’ is now available for pre-order on Limited Edition Vinyl & Digital formats. Tsembla is the solo musical endeavor of Finnish-Swedish artist Marja Ahti, a member of the Kemialliset Ystävät musical collective, as well as one half of electro-acoustic duo Ahti & Ahti with her partner Niko-Matti Ahti. The music of Tsembla is a lush, electronic world of creative new sounds, pieced together meticulously with incredible detail. ‘The Hole In The Landscape’ is a collection of eight tracks based around the ideas of positivity and negativity in terms of matter, and the absence and presence of the physical world around us. Ahti uses synthesizers in conjunction with played and sampled instruments, objects, field recordings, and more to create an intriguing patchwork of rhythm, texture, and melody through the use of intricate layering. This album is the second release in NNA’s LPX Limited Edition Vinyl series, which utilizes local manufacturers, businesses, and craftspeople from our hometown of Burlington, Vermont. These records feature silkscreen printed jackets and colored vinyl, and are hand-stamped, numbered, and assembled by Matt & Toby in a limited edition of 350 copies. Plus, the first 100 copies will come on limited Swirled Pink & Blue vinyl on a first come, first served basis (the remainder of the edition will come on White vinyl). Pre-orders are available now in our Shop. Officially available everywhere on May 25th, 2018.

To celebrate today’s announcement, our friends at Resident Advisor are premiering a music video of the first single “Gravitating Bones,” directed by Providence, RI-based visual artist Leah Beeferman. The textural, hypnotic visuals perfectly compliment the opening track of the album. Watch the video courtesy of Resident Advisor here.


Stay tuned for more Tsembla news, sounds, visuals are more.

Announcing: LEYA ‘The Fool’ + “Sister” Official Music Video

Today we’re extremely excited to announce our first cassette release of 2018, the debut album by LEYA entitled ‘The Fool.’ LEYA is the new duo of Adam Markiewicz (violin, voice) and Marilu Donovan (harp, voice). Markiewicz and Donovan are New York City-based musicians who have collectively collaborated with a diverse array of forward-thinking music projects, including The Dreebs, PC Worship, Eartheater, GABI, and many more. Their recorded debut ‘The Fool’ is a collection of eight haunting tracks that experiment with alternate tunings of the violin and harp, and the unsettlingly beautiful effects that result in combining vocals with their string-based compositions. ‘The Fool’ also features three collaborative tracks that combine their sound with like-minded artists: Eartheater, PC Worship, and Sunk Heaven. Pre-orders and more information can be found here in our Shop.

We’re happy to share the first single, “Sister,” in the form of a music video directed by Kathleen Dycaico. Many thanks to our friends at SPIN Magazine for premiering the video and for the thoughtful write-up. Click HERE to check it out.

‘The Fool’ is up NOW for pre-order on Cassette & Digital formats in our Shop.
Available everywhere on May 11th, 2018.

Erica Eso shares single ‘Gun-metal Grey’ off their upcoming LP

NYC art-pop ensemble Erica Eso (members of Cloud Becomes Your Hand) announces a new full lengh, ‘129 Dreamless GMG’ + shares the first single Gun-metal Grey via Paste Magazine.
‘129 Dreamless GMG’ brings us 7 tracks of microtonal synth pop, combining elements of modern R&B, krautrock, and experimental electronics to deliver a refreshing, forward-thinking amalgamation of music for the Next Age.
LISTEN TO ‘Gun-meteal Grey’

Birthing Hips ‘Internet’ Music Video Premieres on NPR

Boston, Massachusetts-based Birthing Hips releases a music video to the track ‘Internet’ which NPR calls “Beautifully Deranged”.  The video was directed by Mood Killer & feature monstrous hands, stark lighting and food fights.

Thanks to our friends at NPR Music for the premiere.

Use coupon code NNA2017 at check out to receive 25% off of Birthing Hips ‘Urge to Merge’ as part of our Year End Sale!  Only until January 1st.


The Ah Announces New Release ‘Common Bliss’ + Shares Music Video for “High Low”

Today we’re pleased to announce new music from The Ah, the solo project of NYC-based musician Jeremy Gustin. Perhaps best known for his talents on the drum set with groups like Delicate Steve, David Byrne, Albert Hammond Jr., & Rubblebucket to name a few, The Ah is a different world altogether, conceived by Gustin as the product of collaboration with his own imagination and the world around him. It’s tough to describe The Ah’s sound with words, but one listen to Gustin’s electronic collages will leave you curious and craving more.  Pre-orders are available now in our Shop – officially available everywhere on November 17, 2017.

Paste Magazine just premiered the music video for the track “High Low” featuring a beautiful music video of found footage by Gustin himself.